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A ring and many names – mémoire ring, memory ring, eternity ring, Alliance ring

Mémoire ring, memory ring, eternity ring and Alliance ring – these are four designations for a ring, both a memento to dreamlike moments as well as a symbol for eternity. It is the same ring model; only different purposes are emphasized. On the one hand the function as a souvenir (ring, ring memory mémoire) and on the other side of the function as a symbol for the endless stock of a love affair (eternity ring). Alliance ring rings are referred to as mainly mémoire which act as rings (marriage, Alliance = alliance).

The mémoire ring and its roots in the ancient Egyptian culture

The oldest finds is from eternity rings to 4,000-year-old specimens from around 2,000 B.c. This eternity rings originate from the ancient Egyptians and their tradition continued in the Greek civilization. Assuming that the jewellery when these peoples symbolized everlasting love and eternal life.
Those very early incurred mémoire rings, of which we have still knowledge, usually consist of a simple circle metal – not necessarily from a precious metal – that is either only on the upper half, or but all around with stones.
Some of these findings are designed to imitate the image of a snake that consumed its own tail – in ancient Egypt a widespread symbol of eternity, which is now known under the Greek name of Uroboros (derived from ourá = tail, and bóras = bite).

A bright gemstone on the mémoire ring for every happy event

Today, the mémoire is often used ring reminiscent of magical experiences that will remain vivid in the memory. Are extremely popular for this purpose diamonds; they are the toughest and most durable material of the world and thus predestined to serve as symbols of the eternal continuity of the moment. Every single diamond ring rail is in the mémoire ring for a special event.

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The mémoire ring – a circle of sparkling gems

All mémoire rings is common, that they are occupied with a series of small, mostly identical gems. What the various ring models are different, is that runs some of the gemstone series quite classic around the ring around, while others only the upper half is occupied.
To meet the conventional function of the mémoire ring, there are designs which originally only have slots for the gems. These are then only gradually populated at every major event such as christening, birthday or wedding.
This is however not mandatory, there are also numerous completed mémoire to buy rings. These are given like wedding, also usual eternity ring is very appropriate for this.
Also, it is a common custom to wear a narrow mémoire ring as filled to the classic engagement ring.

Diamonds for the mémoire ring – expansion in the 1960s

The de Beers group has committed itself in the 60s, to buy the Soviet Union 90-95% of its unpolished diamonds of gem quality. In return, they accepted the monopoly position of the company on the global diamond market.
As it was in the majority of the Soviet diamond small Carat numbers and it in this time was customary to decorate rings with a large diamond, de beers had to think of a new method, in order to be able to sell the acquired diamonds.
While the model of the mémoire came ring located, because there was a big demand for small diamonds. The marketing strategy of the diamond company was crowned by success and helped this traditional piece of jewellery to new popularity.

The mémoire ring and its various forms

The mémoire ring usually have the same shape of cut gems and are in identical ways. This results in a consistent look and feel, that – symbolizes the eternal constant love very suitable for use as wedding ring.
Even if diamond studded mémoire rings have the largest distribution, there are also specimens with sapphires, emeralds or rubies, and ring models where different precious stones such as diamonds and rubies are alternately applied.
In addition to the brilliant cut, also rectangular and square cut shapes for the mémoire ring are suitable. They have even the advantage that they can be grouped very easily by two side rails.
Marilyn Monroe got to their wedding in 1954 by her husband Joe DiMaggio of a mémoire ring made of Platinum, occupied with 35 diamonds in the baguette cut.

The versions of the mémoire ring – a ring rail stressed to a surface of dazzling diamonds

What applies to the version of the gems, there are also different variations. The most common is the Channel Setting; Here, the precious stones between two rails with small dents from precious metal, called channels, attached. What distinguishes the Channel Setting , is that also the precious metal – usually gold or Platinum – is well to the fore.
An alternative is the Bar Setting, in which the two pieces of metal, which is usually round gem, are rotated by 90 ° in comparison with the Channel Setting . As a result, rays of light entering the diamond can invade from the sides, increasing its brilliance and its fiery appearance.
The sandblasted is very limited for a mémoire ring. The fact that the stone is held only by thin wire-shaped metal stumps, he comes very well to the fore; However, the gems are not as well protected as with the other varieties.
A pavé is used for very small diamonds like version, where the gems are held only by tiny beads made of metal. The diamonds are here very close together and as well as the material of the ring rail will not be revealed. It looks like the piece of jewellery consists of a surface composed of diamonds throughout. Often several rows of precious stones are placed in this version side by side.

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