Yellow Diamonds – Light-Flooded Luster of Gems in a Sunny Yellow

The most frequent color occurring at diamond is yellow to Brown and there are numerous yellow diamonds, which were due to their size or their beautiful glitter with celebrities. An example is the 24,04-karätige Moon of Baroda diamond, which over 500 years was over in the possession of the Indian Maharajah of Baroda and what Marilyn Monroe during the shoots for her song Diamond’s are a girl’s best friends and for the film gentlemen prefer blondes wore as a pendant on a necklace. Another highlight is the 128,51-karätige Tiffany diamond, which was worn by Audrey Hepburn.
Especially big splash was made in November of last year to the Cora Sun Drop diamonds which’s was auctioned at an auction by Sotheby’s in Geneva for a record price of converted more than nine million euros. This teardrop-shaped gemstone occupies a special position under the yellow diamonds, because it is his 110.3 carats to one of the greatest ever. By its name Sun Drop his devastatingly beautiful appearance describes very aptly, recalls a golden sparkling in the Sun drops of water in his appearance.
The following an overview of yellow diamonds and their special features to be delivered starting this extraordinary specimen.

The Cora Sun Drop – yellow diamonds in its most beautiful form

Scientists assume that the yellow Cora Sun Drop diamond deep formed one to three billion years ago in the Earth’s crust. Yellow diamonds diamonds get their color by the fact that during their development process small amounts of nitrogen form retention in the Crystal structure of carbon atoms – so even at the Cora Sun Drop . The nitrogen is responsible for the absorption of the blue and ultraviolet component in the incident light. Thus, only the remaining rays of light will be the jewel in the eye of the beholder appear reflected as yellow. The yellow diamond – like all others – together with magma reach close to the Earth’s surface.
The Cora Sun Drop is the only recently, to a yellow diamond, was discovered in the year 2010, in South Africa, at an unknown location. Before his auction he was in possession of the manufactory for diamonds Cora international in New York, of which the yellow diamond has received also his today’s drop cut and his Polish.
To a luster under the yellow diamonds Cora Sun Drop is pronounced by its intense yellow colour, by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as Fancy Vivid Yellow graduated which is the highest quality level for yellow diamonds.
Before its auction, he was to see over six months at the London Museum of natural history .

The Canary yellow – yellow diamonds and their various shades

There are tones and by a weak and dull yellow up to an intense, rich, bright and vibrant – called based on the eponymous bird in a Canary Yellow (Canary yellow) yellow diamonds in the different shades of color. At the only slightly toned gems, on the scale of the color grading of white diamonds, the letters K-Z are mapped to which perceived the yellowish tone often rather than disturbing. Quite differently, however, this is as Fancy Diamonds those, (failed, extravagant, original =fancy ) are known. These include yellow diamonds, which have a stronger colour than Z.

The rarest and kostbarsten of all yellow diamonds are by certification institutes such as the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as intense or vivid – classified to them belongs also the Cora Sun Drop. Yellow diamonds of this type is characterised by having the highest saturation of all naturally occurring diamonds. Prices that surpass even those comparable colorless diamonds are paid for them.
In addition to its basic color, many yellow diamonds contain additional, so-called Secondary Colours. Here is distinguished green, which resembles the color of a lemon between those with a warm, Orange, gold-like undertone, as well as those with a cool. There are also numerous yellow diamonds with a brownish tint. This Secondary Colours can change the entire appearance of the gems and impact on their price – value can be increased by the colors of green and orange. Apart from, such yellow diamond for those who are interested in unique natural products are attractive.
Unlike with colorless diamonds, can assume the fluorescence in the yellow gemstones not only the color blue, but also green, white, Orange, or yellow and help to increase the color intensity of the diamond.

Yellow diamonds and their good level of purity

The Cora Sun Drop in addition to its fascinating colour and impressive size also has a very good purity of VVS1 (very very small inclusions 1 = very very small inclusions 1). This is a general advantage of yellow diamonds: they statistically have less impurities in the form of internal inclusions, cracks or other outer appearances.

Carefully chosen cut shape for yellow diamonds

For six months it took to the cut of the Cora Sun Drop was completed. The Chairman of the New York diamond manufacture Cora International, Suzette Gomes, explained so that you need much courage and experience to grind a such diamonds. Finally, the cut is decisive factor that the gem in its full beauty can come to bear.
The Teardrop was elected thus, ideal to highlight the excellent, Sun-yellow hue.
Generally, yellow diamonds are ground so that maximum color is visible if you look from above on the gem. Usually the so-called Fancy Cuts are suitable for this better than the classical brilliant cut.

The South African Cape province – a rich source for yellow diamonds

South Africa is regarded as the country of origin of the Cora Sun Drop and it is believed that it comes from the Cape Province, which is known for its rich deposits of yellow diamonds. At the end of the 19th century such precious stones were discovered in the local mines and long time the province was regarded as the main supplier for yellow diamonds, but that has changed now. In the now largely outdated terminology of diamonds, Cape as a name for yellow and yellow diamonds was chosen for the colour grading.

Are you interested in a beautiful yellow Fancy Diamond or other yellow diamonds either loosely or as a pièce de résistance on for jewelry tuned individually to your ideas?