Wooden Brooches Online

The women’s brooches are unfortunately rarely used or considered old but that can actually save you on many occasions featuring a dress too simple. The brooch is an accessory that will give light, colour and richness that enliven an outfit basic and anonymous.

Pins there are really several shapes, colours and materials, but today we will talk more specifically of wooden pins and how to match them up to make them stand out better on clothes.


The wooden jewelry in general, have the particularity and the advantage of being born from a poor and readily available, but that, if known to work, can become a unique accessory with its own characteristics. In fact every piece of wood, despite coming from the same trunk, has nuances, ribs and smells different on the other, allowing it to obtain a jewel elegant, classy and unique, especially if these are handcrafted jewellery.

The wooden brooches are therefore suitable to be combined with any fabric, because within him bring poverty but at the same time the quality of the wood. The look that you need to put more attention, to make correct combinations, is color.

For ebony pins the advice is to avoid very dark colors like blue, purple or brown. This black wood, it is good to use that tone on tone for giving formality, elegance and a light touch to the dress, or a contrasting tone, preferably pastel, like a peach pink, green, or blue.

If, however, this accessory, white pearls or a clearer details as Hazel coloured wood is preferable to combine it with warm shades like red or orange but never too bright. Neutral colors, black, grey and white of course always go well and indeed will give a very good end of the brooch.

Don’t forget that the wooden pin can also be a great gem for the ceremony. When you don’t know what to wear and you’re invited to a wedding, you can wear with a base manager as a dress or a pastel suit 50 years and apply a tone-on-tone brooch on your dress. You will no doubt original and elegant. In this case the advice, however, a handbag, because other models such as the sling bag especially, would invade the area of brooch not putting it out.

In principle you can then play tone on tone for a more harmonious look or give contrast to opposite colors to jewel. If the brooch has a dark color and cold boater outfit from light and warm colors, on the other hand if the brooch has warm or light colors tend to choose dark or cold-hued clothes.


First advice not to wear other necklaces, jewelry, especially when wearing the brooch. This must be the protagonist, and another gem nearby can give confusion causing them to lose value.

The wooden brooch you can place it where you like but try to apply it in the points of your body from having to emphasize. That is, if you have a very generous breasts do not put the badge on his chest but try to look away and put it in the cap, scarf or shirt collar. Place it on your chest if you have one breast well proportioned with shoulders and a bust rangy.

One idea is to combine multiple pins together, as seen in the first photo. Be careful though because you have to know how to do it carefully so as not to create confusion and heaviness. In this case we recommend playing with tone-on-tone brooches or lighter than your outfit and never mix different accessories material and color.