What Jewelry Match Your Type?

There is nothing as good as a beautiful piece of jewellery to give an outfit that certain something. But maybe you’re too sometimes so that you are undecided in the selection. You become clear about your own preferences and opt for stylish pieces of jewelry that best bring out your personal type.

Classic Jewellery:

Could you describe your clothing style as understated and elegant? Cluttered-looking outfits are what you do not like? If you find yourself in this description, it suggests you are the classic type of jewelry. Meet them rather understated jewelry pieces of timeless beauty – diamond, Platinum and gold are suitable in simple design.

Extravagant Copies:

Are experimenting, interested in current fashion trends and love flashy colours? Then extravagant jewelry pieces are the likes big and attention may be worrying, made for you. Cocktail rings, Colliers, pompous and expansive earrings could be your Favorites.

Purist Jewellery:

Is her fashion style straightforward and unsophisticated described as? Do you like clear contrasting colors?Surely you like then also jewelry pieces with clean lines and without superfluous details – the reduced design of a clamping ring or simple, but high quality diamond stud earrings are created for you.

Romantic Jewelry:

Like to wear clothing with playful patterns or pastels? Then you flatter filigree jewelry with color precious stones. Probably you like imaginative designs particularly well.

It would be glad if I could give a few helpful suggestions and guidance with this. But instead of relying strictly on this when selecting the pieces of jewelry especially your gut rely on classification to keep, you should.Certainly you feel drawn automatically to the jewelry that best corresponds to your individual type.