Wear Multiple Rings

What is the Latest Jewelry Trend

This year several it-jewelry trends will be to adopt: the collar Claudine imitation gem, the accumulation of rings, the jewelry a little regressive with Aztec or Navajo prints and the must of the season is the “home” of woven bracelets made. The materials that will be popular with fashionistas this year are metal chains, leather, fancy crystals, beads, fringes in tissues, the Pikes, the studs… We spoil and are integrated into its box for storage of the textile material to our necklaces woman, our fancy rings, our bracelets and our pair of earrings: a great way to bring color and sweetness to our daily look. We offer you in this fashion one article focus on the different trends to dare to be spot on the edge of fashion this year.

Collar Jewelry

Last year we had the collar Claudine directly sewn on small tops or dresses which brought a look pretty preppy in our outfits. For those who don’t know what the Claudine neck, this is a rounded collar that existed already in the 1950s. The Claudine collar is present in all the dressing of the it-girls for almost 2 years now, but this year it is removable. For your pleasure, col Claudine returns in the form of jewelry and comes in different materials: leather, metal, beads, spikes, nails, glitter or even in tissues.

At your leisure you can set it to the neck of any top, sweater or jacket to give it a look wiser or more rock. Col Claudine remains difficult to wear one-piece because he reminds a little wise girl look, but you can tame it with small touches, here are our tips. With this collar, twister allows you a little black dress simple with a fake Claudine collar with silver metal nails or a white blouse with a fake pass glitter with glitter.

Accumulated Jewelry

Fashion that can’t be explained, there are some trends that are and break the son of the time. After accumulating bracelets, watches and bracelets in all kind on their small wrists, fashionistas are today to vary the pleasures in abandoning their wristbands for the benefit of a handful of rings… Indeed, last summer we had the mode of multiplication of jewelry with fine bracelets, Bangles Bracelets, woven bracelets, bracelets cufflinks styles. On the contrary, this winter they are at the level of the hands that the trend is attached.

We’re not in half since the rings will be ultra-thin and we can accumulate on each finger of the hand, or the rings will be XXL with tie double fingers triple, with moderation. The must-have of the season is to have a dozen rings or bracelets the aim being to create a small collection of ring and to compose according to his desires of the day or the conduct. What makes the charm of this mode is the proliferation of jewelry which clearly brings a Bohemian touch to her outfit.

Wear Multiple Rings

Wildlife Jewelry

To follow the dress trend it allows himself to humanizing the look with jewelry inspired by wildlife! Tiger heads, shark teeth, birds, butterflies, owls, all animals are waiting for looker outfits in 2 seconds lap top. We love these models, do not trust that they are regressive is the key, they we recall simply our childhood with their animal theme a bit shifted and the charm operates. Nothing better than a long necklace with his OWL for calls such a night owl-shaped pendant. Click to see what does jewellery mean.

Also, it should be noted that jewelry to textures that recall the diversity of wildlife are also integrated into this trend, moreover we find for sale on the market of necklaces or earrings ears with some feathers or fur. In necklaces, earrings, earrings, rings or bracelets animals compete all that you’re a true fashionista.

Aztecs Jewelry

The Pocahontas trend landed more than a year ago in all our dressing room, who does not have a top, a sweater or a vest with a Navajo or Aztec print in her wardrobe of girl. Now designers mix the tendency of distant civilizations with jewellery and are clearly inspired former models and location of the Mexico and the style Navajo native Americans in North America. It integrates our jewelry to the fringes, feathers, turquoise, Navajo woven patterns, of money, of the Suede, leather and printed fabrics geographical.

We prioritize bright colors and natural materials to perfect looks of Indian women of modern times. However, avoid the total look Navajo or Aztec, we’ll try instead to put either a printed jewel or printed clothing, don’t mix either different prints without looking like a real Parrot!

DIY Jewelry

Tons of articles have flowered on the net featuring tutorials and offering the manufacturing of compound bracelets with big steps woven with threads of different colors. If you also instead to buy the bracelet in already ready for use store and you have the soul of a designer, here are items with AYou will need to make your braided gourmettre: a curb to thick links, 2 to 3 wires of different colors, a sewing needle and a pair of scissors. For manufacturing steps, follow these directions:

Tie a knot with all the wires, approximately 1 cm from the end of the chain. 2. Separate the wires in 2 strands (separated by color, either by mixing the son of color). 3. Slide in each strand a sewing needle to the wires in the different links. 4. Pass the first strand in the first link, per below.Then pass it under the second strand. 5. Take the second strand and pass it always in the first link.Then pass it under the first strand. 6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 in the second link in the chain. And so on for all the links, making sure to tighten throughout the bracelet so that it relaxes. 7 Finish the bracelet knotting the strands and cut them to keep only that one centimeter beyond.