Wedding Engravings – Change to Laser Engraving At 123gold

For the new year, we have converted our engraving entirely from diamond engravings to the high-quality and universal laser engraving.

The engraving (also called engraving) of your wedding rings is a very personal feature.The engravings have changed in the history of the wedding rings – future wedding couples now have so many possibilities for individual engraving as never before.Well-guarded from the looks of curious people, your love message often hides on the inside of the wedding rings.But also on the outside of the ring or on the side of the ring edge you can have your wedding rings engraved individually and personally.

A laser engraving inside the ring in one of our attractive standard writings now costs 10 euros (25 Swiss francs).An overview of the possible engraving and special characters (heart with or without arrow, double heart, infinity character / endless loop, entwined rings, bird) can be found here.

The prices for the previous laser engraving options remain the same: high-quality individual laser engraving like own handwriting and drawings according to own template costs 50 Euro, a laser engraving on the outside or on the side of the ring according to own original 100 Euro, as well as the engraving of a fingerprint.

What you engrave is, of course, entirely yours.The classic: name of the partner and wedding date.Many couples have surprised us with great ideas – let their imagination run wild …