Wedding Bands – Legends Wassaid Jewellery

The most beautiful seasons – spring and summer – is imminent and the most popular time to arranging weddings. But a wedding would be even today unthinkable without the matching wedding rings.
Wedding rings (also: wedding rings) are pieces of jewelry, where the symbolic significance is an essential function. We invite you to explore the exciting background of their history:

Wedding rings – allegorical associations of circular form

A circle starts nowhere and nowhere ends – thus a ring as a sign of eternity and the unlimited continuation of the loving connection between two spouses well suited. Like the high-quality precious metals used in this context for engagement rings gold and Platinum, because they are extremely resistant to corrosion and damage – after all the wedding rings should remain beautiful for a lifetime.
Stories say that broken engagement rings are symbolic for infidelity in the relationship. There are also Tales (e.g. “the beautiful Magelone”), in which two people are separated from each other because one of their rings lost.
Is remarkable that two interconnected circles considered sign for marriage; can does not divide into looped rings, without having it break down. At the same time two are touching circles – an this eight – represent in mathematics the symbol for infinity.

Wedding rings or wedding rings – its moving, reaching back to antiquity history

The oldest rings, we know of their existence, were made about 21,000 years ago from the ivory from mammoths or bone, however, we have no evidence whether it already was to wedding rings.
What we know today is that the tradition of wedding rings at the latest was made Egypt in the old, where these jewelry pieces made of ivory or leather were worn by women on the ring finger of the left hand. Believed, namely, that this finger, a connection immediately leads to the heart. The Englishman Henry Swinburne, who lived at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, the Roman writer of Macrobius, however, by a nerve spoke in Retrospect of a vein that “Vena amoris”, – both was now scientifically refuted.
The custom of wedding rings has been taken over by the Greeks, and under the Romans replaced the original materials with iron, which evoked associations with modesty and loyalty. This was above all the legal and social aspect in the foreground; by the wedding rings, it was assured that the man has received the dowry from the woman’s family. The marriage was thus rather a contract between two families as the expression of a love affair. Were often entrusted the circlet with keys, since the “key force” in the House of her husband came to the wedding.
Even when the Celts were worn rings as a sign of the marriage; they were made of woven grass.
The first wedding rings made of gold, of which we know today, come from the 2nd century BC, and they were decorated like with two hands, which are mesh, – a symbol for the connection of the two marriage partners. As wedding bands from this period were found, which on the inside the lettering ‘Pignus amoris habes’ (German: you have my dear pledge) is engraved.
At the latest since the year 850 under the reign of Pope Nicholas I, wedding bands in the Christian faith play a role and stand for the constant and eternal duration of the marriage. Inseparable, the rings are only connected with the church wedding ceremony since the 13th century.
In the 15th century the custom arose after today’s estimates, to wedding rings with diamonds; from the beloved Charles VII., you know that she had a copy of such precious. The beauty and fascinating effect of diamonds on the wedding was figuratively for a harmonious relationship. At the same time they began to distinguish between engagement rings and wedding – previously it was common to use only one ring.
An exceptional form arose in the 16th century as wedding rings double rings were designed. Two or more rings were linked at one point and could be folded up. Sometimes you put hands on these rings, closed mesh and separated in an open State.
Very romantic motifs emerged in the 18th century, when it adorned the wedding rings by heart decorated with diamonds.
In the 19th century, the custom arose to make the wedding rings as a spiral to a circle of snakes made of precious metal.
Only it could prevail in the 20th century definitively, that the men wore wedding rings; previously, it was mostly women reserved.

Wedding rings – different customs in different countries

In Germany, wedding rings are usually taken on the ring finger of the right hand which is but not everywhere. In southern of Europe and the US, for example, left to wear the wedding rings and remains of Roman tradition. There are also explanations for why wedding rings are worn right. the speech is so in the Bible of that right is the good side which brings good luck (ex 15.6).

Wedding rings – by classic timeless models up to mémoire occupied with diamond rings

Wedding rings are intended, a life long daily worn plain to be – and not time-sensitive variants are therefore very suitable. Uncomplicated ring splints made of yellow gold, white gold, Rosé gold, or Platinum, their Profil has either an oval or a round shape are beautiful. Depending on personal preference, the wedding rings can be selected wider or narrower – width affects the appearance of the finger. The height can be varied; This is the thickness of the wedding rings.
Wedding rings have a very noble effect, if their surface is outside frosted by sandblasting.
Wedding rings, which are equipped with a personal engraving on the inside are individual pieces of jewellery. Here no limits of creativity, by sayings such as “Forever in Love”, the date of the wedding up to initials, anything is possible. The rings get so a very special meaning. The Latin phrase “Omnia vincit amor” (English: love conquers all) is popular.
It contributes to the uniqueness of the wedding rings also, if inside next to the engraved lettering splitter be incorporated by a gem – precious rubies are particularly suitable because of their red colour for it.
Like to be also mémoire rings – they are known under the name of eternity ring – used as wedding rings. You are this, that their ring rail either around or is busy only on the top half with arranged directly together gems – most diamonds -.

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