Tutorials For Making Beautiful Hair Accessories

Ties or monitos Ribbon girls hair
Hi, are you ready to make a cute craft today?, if the answer is Yes, I will tell you only go by your strips since I bring 3 tutorials to make beautiful accessories for the hair of the princesses of the House, there are plenty of techniques to make these little monkeys, ties, or flowers for the hair.

I will teach you to do, is very sencillio and we are dealing with little material, that if the bar you use is either reasonable or satin is much better with this material.
Once you already have the ready monito, paste or coselo pins, clips, headbands for hair, hair bands, or dresses etc.
Now that you think if you leave the step these tutorials 3 to make cute hair accessories, if you have friends that you like to do this type of craft, share it.
I hope you like the result and you animes to make them:).


Satin ribbon or satin 3. 5 cm width

Water and the color of the Ribbon yarn

Pins or hair clips

Candle or lighter, scissors

3 tutorials to make beautiful hair accessories

Step by step how to make monkey hair with Ribbon
1.-choose the color of your Ribbon, while thicker is the liston, mas grande will be the monkey or loop which we will do, in this casecut 13 cm, the width of the Ribbon is 3.5 cm.
2.-do not forget seal the Ribbon leads, use a candle or lighter.It’s easy because it is not fray the Ribbon.

3.-fold each end of the bar as he indicated in the photo, and hold it with a PIN.

4.-now as is turns the slat.
5 bend the tip at each end, check out the photo.

6.-Since we bend the tips towards each end, thus we remain our first piece of the monkey hair.
Repeat the same procedure with the other piece of Ribbon.
* With needle and thread the same color of the Ribbon, we sew in a straight line.

7.-we already have 2 parts of the monkey hair.

At the time of sewing, do it online straight combining 2 parts, since you have sewn, pull the thread and gathers.

8.-when pulling the thread fruncelo and thus remain you the monkey, ends of sewing and cut the thread.
9.-paste a piece of thin ribbon in the center of the monkey, as well as sewn monkey uppercase.
10.-then you can paste into the center of the monkey, a flower, a Pearl or a button.

11.-now coselo or paste it into the PIN, headband or newcoletero you want to use for your little girl’s hair. If you like to share it with your friends, and if you want to make more accessories you leave the other tutorials then.
Which of these hair accessories is your favorite?