Tutorial to Make Flowers of Wire and Nail Polish

I am delighted to make this craft and it has taken me quite some time doing flowers.

These flowers are very easy to make and you can create a multitude of compositions to make, for example, brooches, Diadems….

First of all, I want to make it clear that these flowers are not my own vintage, but that I saw them in the youtube channel like a lot and things of the Lola, but as in everything, then each person puts their style better or worse to make them.

As I explain in the video that you can see below, the flowers are made with fine wire, giving the shape of the petals using a pen or something like that, and then we painted them with enamelof the colors that you want.

We must logically go leaving them to dry, and they can be given the layers you want to. In my case, I gave them 3 or 4 passes. The same will be made with the leaves if you also want to make.

When I had finished a number particular of flowers, I started to think that I would do with them, and decided to Recycle a jar of yoghurt chocolate and throw glass hand to heavy bead to cover it.

In addition, on the edge, was hooked with very fine wire, about 3 mm (the same one I used for the Christmas Bells made of beads that you see here), colors balls and to finish the area above, I made a loop with thin flat lace.

As flowers must be attached to a base, opted to cover with rubber eva Brown (the same used for the fofuchas) styrofoam half ball, hitting it with hot silicone to the bottom of the glass.

And finally, it touches go already “planting” flowers have done, Placing them to our liking.

If you want to see as I did the flowers, you can then watch the video.

What do you think?, to which are pretty?