Tutorial: Braid 5 Cabos


They say that experience is a degree, and that errors is learned, it is true, the first post published already makes most of two years you showed how to do a Tranz 5 Cabos moving all the threads, when I look at that post put the hands on the head, that thing more badly done, that is why I decided to re-do the tutorial with more pictures and better explanations.

Let’s start with the tutorial.

1 cut 5 threads.

2 separate wires 3 follows right 2 left.

3 we take the external thread on the right side (pictured in red) and pass it to the inside of the left side.

4 take the outer thread on the left (white) and went to the outside to the inside of the right side.

5,6,7,8,9. go repeating steps move thread from the outside to the inside of the opposite side.

10. so should be our braid.

11 place a few terminals and a closing.

12 we can look to a new and beautiful bracelet.

I hope you will bother has do it, you can make the combination of colors that you like or a single color.

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