Tricks Easy To Customize Your Clothes In A Second

Sometimes a simple beading can completely change the look of the basic garment that we have in the wardrobe or make a different and renewed use of our jewellery. Here you will find some tricks easy to customize different add-ins at a time or give them a different and original use.

You can customize your shoes a quick and easy way of passing a buckle or an entrepieza in the cords of your sports. You’ll see in a second, they have a completely renovated and original appearance.

Customize your hairpins. Threading a sewing needle and knotting the two wires together at one end. The needle passes through the inside of the fork and then between the two wires. Pulled thread and threaded the ball. Then passing the thread between the fork and the ball several times, finishes well off the thread and cut the excess. Your hairstyles will look spectacular. You can try different types of balls and different materials and colours: wood, metal… I am sure that will always remain cool.

You can customize your footwear by placing a tassel or pendant with a single ring on the buckle of your shoes, you will be given a very original touch.

It used a ring to attach your handkerchiefs. You can use those that do not fit your needs or which due to their size are you something annoying and don’t use much. It passes inside the ring opposite ends of your scarf to adjust it to the desired size.

It easily converts a necklace in a headband only adding a rubber band of hair in the closing.

Convert your basic earrings in a lot of different models by adding small pendants or charms. They will only have to stand the descent with the accessory front and put the pressure behind the ear in the usual way.

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