Tips on Emerald Ring

Learn more about this charming jewelry

The Emerald is a gemstone of the Beryl family, being your most noble variation. The Emerald it is a green colored stone, from pale tones and opaque to the most intense and transparent. The more intense is the Green and the more shiny the stone, the higher your business value.

This stone is known and exploited for more than 5000 years, having your mining started in Egypt, the so-called mines of Cleopatra. With the discovery of America, soon until Europeans know the rich mines of Colombia. In a short time and even today the Emerald became one of the most coveted gemstones.

In deep mines and who are true human miners still pins and needles looking for an emerald gem, which, depending on your point of view, could be worth up to $5000 per carat.

Emerald ring

In addition to appearing in earrings, lace and buttons, the Emerald is often used in rings of different types and for different tastes. So, buy an emerald ring means buy a timeless jewel, enduring, refined and, above all, unforgettable.

An emerald ring can be given in several occasions, since in a birthday, Christmas, celebration of dating or marriage or same as class ring. The Emerald is the stone representative of the Biological Sciences courses, being a great choice for that loved one who graduated in the area, for example.

How to recognize a true emerald

While there is no specific way to guarantee and recognize the veracity of an emerald, it is possible to take some care in choosing the your emerald ring.

First of all, review the stone. Note cracks and flaws in stone, since by your resistance, it is expected that they don’t exist. Also note inclusions in the stone, as an emerald completely “clean” will cost much more expensive. The additions, in fact, allow a geographical identification of stone, saying which part of the world she was extracted.

Also check the color and brightness of the Emerald, because the darker the shade of green should be the most expensive. Enjoy and ask the jeweler for which processes the Emerald spent, since certain treatments with oils and resins can modify your coloring.

Not least, it is indispensable to check the reliability of the location where you will effect your purchase. Look for reputable shops which are a reference in the market and offering guarantees.

Types of emerald ring

The Emerald can create several types of rings, since the more discreet to eye-catching, passing through the full range of styles and needs. It’s up to you to choose the one you like to make the investment.


The emerald ring Solitaire type consists of a rim of noble metal, such as gold or silver, with a single Emerald stone as featured. This type of ring is perfect for those who don’t want to call as much attention or who want to finesse in your piece.

There is also the Emerald rings with a single stone, most imperial, being the ideal choice for those who love to draw attention. In this case, the rim is usually thicker to behave properly.

-Multiple emeralds

You can also find rings that have many emeralds over your length, generally of the same size and scattered so symmetrical. Normally the stones have a small size, but reasonable, creating drawings and patterns.

In this case, the ring can form a picture of the arrangement of stones all over your extension or just part of it. Generally, the most widely used format is that mimics a leaf, creating a look amazing.

Another trend is the double and triple rings that are embedded in two or three fingers at the same time. In this case, the emeralds can be located on the joints between the fingers, giving a fun aspect to a classical piece.


In the case of the ring set, the stones are usually much smaller and, most often, in spherical formats, taking all or nearly the entire length of the ring. In this case, the row can be single, double or even triple, creating a chic and refined aspect.

You can also find Emerald studded rings forming patterns like diamonds, squares or circles studded with the piece.

-With other stones

Another common type of emerald ring is the ring made with other gemstones, being the main one the diamond. In this type of emerald ring, the green stone receives the prominence, being in full size, with smaller diamonds accompanied by your surroundings or even cravejando the rest of the piece.

To contain another type of precious stone, of course, your added value is greater, depending on the amount of other used parts.

You can also use more than one gem, as an emerald ring containing Ruby, sapphires and diamonds, for example.

The emerald ring is able to surprise anyone being given as a gift in whatever the special date. Invest in a quality piece and enjoy the beauty of the piece for a long time.