Tips on Different Earrings

Tips on Different Earrings

Earrings are accessories of the feminine universe that are needed when you are absent. The question is which one to choose, in front of so many. But have you ever noticed that many look like? When fashion get, only manufacturers vary some details. It is necessary to dig enough to find different earrings and with good utility look in the diary. But there are always good options. For those seeking differentiated models for use in the ear, we have some interesting tips to follow.

Tips on Different Earrings

Different earrings models

Sweet-shaped earrings-know fashion to put cupcakes designs at all?

Because the trend reached his ears and enlarged, with formats of desserts like chocolate bars, chocolates and the dear and beloved cupcakes, super trendy. How is a playful earring model, careful not to miss in time to use the piece with a clothes too, formal series and exaggerate in the game.


Planetarium – why have only one planet in the ear if you can have the whole Galaxy? There are several fun earrings prints imitating Galaxy or two planets lining up in our solar system. Are geeks, earrings or earrings nerdslike us Brazilians we call, but combine with various styles and is nice to use different earrings and call the attention for the format.

With feathers

With feathers -is nothing new to use feathers in earrings. The Peacock earrings are timeless fashion in Brazil. The novelty is to use feathers in earrings with jewels, with noble as predaria or small details pampering in the ear with noble metals. But colorful feathers are the latest trend in the ear and, allied with gold and silver, are chic for use in formal events.

Ethnic Prints

With ethnic prints – have you noticed and sets announced in its main parades in recent months: prints are all the rage. In this group entering also feathered earrings, Indian earrings Indian and patterned with tribal earrings. Match tribal earrings with shirts and plain pants and call attention to the visual information. And as ethnic print will never go out of style, is a good thing to invest in diversified models to change the combination and usage.


Floral – who doesn’t like flowers, isn’t it? Earrings made of plastic, pedrarias nobles and guys, metal plaited to form flowers … anything goes! What’s great is that changed the design, totally changed the essence of the jewel. And there are so many models of flowers available to inspire different earrings ever a template will be equal to the other. Worth investing in variety in this case, because it’s never going to be unused.


Mushroom – can be fashion virtual game Super Mario Bros., or inspired by the fun way that dolls of mushroom possess. Earrings with this design enter the category geek and loved ones because they are fun, breaking the mandatory use of the piece.

Harry Potter Earrings

Harry Potter Earrings -the English bruxinho that charmed fans around the world for seven books and eight films inspired several jewelry, expensive metals or jewelry. There are models of earrings with the Witch’s face, with the symbols of the houses of the great school of magic or with characters and the Quidditch ball. A different earring geek and well jovial.

The Lord of the rings earrings

The Lord of the rings Earrings -the saga of movies left the movie theater, but it was to the fans and calls each time more attention when new accessories. There are beautiful earrings inspired by the jewels of film or Elvish youth life dwarfs the village.

Playstation Earrings

Playstation -fans of virtual universe and playstation games will definitely love to use these gems both on a daily basis as to take photos and show your friends. There are patterns that mimic the console, some games and still controls, kitten and colorful. It’s not a joke for use at parties, but it’s worth the joke to reproduce a product geek so sweet.