Time For the Essential

Who doesn’t know that? You need a gift at the last minute, lack of ideas for the next new year’s Eve evening, only the others know the currently trendy restaurants for special occasions and certainly not understood, why on Friday night no one to reach is, which brings you on the guest list of the P1?

The solution is coming – in the form of our partner quintessentially lifestyle, the world’s most successful Concierge and lifestyle clubs.

This is not only with the above “problems” with help and advice, but rather he meets other needs. So, quintessentially arranged cards for a hopelessly booked concert or Opera and theater Premiere or seats on the catwalk of Paris fashion week, side by side with celebrities and the bosses of the glossy magazines. But also, a last minute arrangement in a VIP lounge at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, or the organisation of a North Pole expedition for one of its members has anyone opposed to the athletes or sled dogs at quintessentially sweat.

Granted, are some unusual wishes, but it’s still nice to know, also such and many other habitual desires and services promptly and with the highest quality standards are being met. The service portfolio expanded anyway constantly, often also due to new, unprecedented customer requirements.

Quintessentially is a contained only a limited number of members, modern Concierge today. With its worldwide 56 offices in almost every major city in this world and an unparalleled global partner network quintessentially provides 24 hours a day and 365 days in the year for well-being, as well as for a comprehensive support of its members. This quintessentially solves not only time-critical, practical problems, but also saves you money and especially valuable (free -) time saves its members through its extensive partner network.

In addition, members of regularly to private events are invited. These range from advance exhibitions, fashion shows of glittering charity dinner and after show parties to back to specially organized special events.

With the quintessentially preview night quintessentially will hold event together with RENESIM.COM a such special on the occasion of his Germany of launches on November 18, 2010 in Munich. Great entertainment, interesting discussions and networking at its best should be here guaranteed.

As new quintessentially partner for jewelry questions and are any kind can members in the future the expertise and individual care RENESIM.COM access through.

In principle, interested parties are three membership options available: the General, the dedicated and the elite membership. With the General members enjoy the comprehensive quintessentially service offering including perks membership or the couple membership for married people or couples. A separate contact who is available for any kind of questions available and offers in turn appropriate and needs-oriented proposals and services, stands owners of dedicated membership card available. And Lastly, that elite membership, which “by invitation only” occurs. Here, a team of various contact persons from the various Territories provides the individual Elite member and all of course very discreetly and with the proper exclusivity.

For those who perceive life as too short to waste time with everyday and second-rate things, quintessentially is certainly one of the first addresses. An exclusive club whose membership card you like to wear in your own wallet.

And if you actually not should know, what you can do on the eve and also not on the necessary “change” is lacking, then book you a seat for the new year’s Eve private jet offered by quintessentially, a journey along the international date line.