Three Kinds of Knots

Hello again friends,

I guess many of you, these days there will be given a piece of jewelry and you will have new things to wear.

This is the first post of the year I will dedicate to the knots, I will show you how to do the three knots that more usually used to assemble parts, Skylark knot, the knot and knot tube.

Knot Lark

We will make the knot Lark in three easy steps.

Place the wire folded in half on top of the piece that you want to tie the knot.
Pass the ends of the thread by the inside of the piece and sine formed by the thread.
We’ll throw the threads.

Overhand knot

Three steps are also those who will use to make the overhand knot

Cross threads forming a round.
Pass one end through the interior of the round.
We’ll throw the ends.

Tube knot

Of the three knots, this is the most complicated but you will see that soon take you the hang.

We will start passing one end through the inside of our piece.
We will take the thread that has been at the bottom and enrollaremos it around your finger and the other thread in the direction to the heart.
Carefully remove the finger and introduce the thread that we were rolling on the inside of the loop we have formed.
Carefully go pulling the thread we have introduced ensuring that no cross us the loops.

Ready, to see that they are one fairly simple knots and which will allow you to do great things.

Until the next.