Three Easy Ways To Close A Bracelet

Hello again

Today I want to show you how close bracelets easily, often depending on whatever close containing our bracelets, we need the help of someone to be able to close them, today I want to show you three very simple ways of closing a bracelet and allow us to get ourselves.
The three forms are the following, closing with the flat knot, with the noose and using a trinket.

The first way of closing a bracelet is by using the knot flat macramé, in this case to close the bracelet, cross the two ends of the bracelet and only with a thread to tie.
The second way to close bracelets is using the noose to make this single knot you have to turn around and tie and one end of the bracelet at the other end. Tutorial here.

And the third way of closing a bracelet is by using a trinket. We have two ways to do it:
One is crossing the wires running it through the trinket.

The other way is to join the two ends and introduce in the trinket.

I hope that you have been useful. As you can see are ways simple and at the same time economic, since to do so you can use chopped strands or pieces that you have enough other creations.