The World’s Three Largest Luxury Jewelry Stores

From left: Flagship store of Tiffany & co., H. star boutique at the Cartier store in Paris and Frankfurt airport.

There are the three big under the luxury jewelers. Just the thought of the fine assortment of these brands arouses covetousness. We present the most prestigious Jewellers in the world: Tiffany &. Co., Cartier, and H. Stern.

The term “Jewelry” is enough considering the billions revenues, which hardly make these companies in the year: Tiffany & co. cracks the two billion mark in revenue annually and is the largest of all jewellery companies. In the history of the American jeweller began in 1837 at just $ 4.95. Charles Lewis Tiffany as much revenue attended the first day of the sale. Now Tiffany & co.not only for fine treasures, but also for a distinctive color: the “Tiffany blue”, in which all packaging of the House are kept. The scene in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” with Audrey Hepburn was the name of Tiffany & co. just more famous. In more than 275 stores in the world, six in Germany, one can fine gold and silver jewels from Tiffany & co. to buy.

Cartier: French Know Make

Since 1847 the glittering Panther is the trademark Maison Cartier and the symbol of Royal beauty: as Louis Francois Cartier (1819-1904) of jeweller’s art turned, nobody suspected that the talented Goldsmith soon would become the most sought-after Parisian jeweler. It was Princess Mathilde, a cousin of Napoleon III., who discovered the jeweller’s art of the young blacksmith for themselves. The name Cartier stands for magnificent Parisian jewellery and fine watches. The brand belongs to the Richemont group, which prescribes a turnover of almost EUR 11 billion a year. As responsible and traditional company employs and educates Cartier until today savvy champion in different disciplines of jewelry and stone processing. You are just like the Cartiers famous solitary, exquisite unique pieces in the jewelry market.

H. Stern: Brazilian Jewellery

A German immigrant, founded a jewellery company in Brazil once and thus laid the foundations for one of the world’s largest jewelry brands : Hans Stern. At the age of 23, Stern founded his company in 1945 with $200 in his pocket, which he had received from the sale of his accordion. Today, it is the world’s third largest jewelry company. This is not least due to disciplined work by Star itself. Until recently, the late jeweler stood each morning at 8:30 on the spot. Since 1995, his sons run the fortunes of the family business. As such, you look at, despite far more than 3000 employees and offices in 27 countries. The motto: Who proved, is encouraged. Good work leads to success – so, how Hans Stern once brought it to success.