The Taylor-Burton Diamond – Once Owned By Liz Taylor

October 23, 1969: In New York, it comes to the auction of a unique diamond and there ensues a bidding war for him. Than the sum of the initial US$ 200,000 are called, eventually the price is driven up on 1.050.000 US dollars upwards – at this time an absolute record price for a jewel. One of the fellow bidders was an agent by Richard Burton, who however left off upon reaching the one million dollar mark by the thing. So fast Richard Burton gave but not beaten, because he wanted to necessarily win the gemstone, which is today known under the name Taylor-Burton diamond for his wife Elizabeth Taylor.
In the following you will learn where the history of the Taylor-Burton took diamonds originated, but still did Richard Burton, to buy the jewel, and what happened to him after the divorce of the married couple Taylor-Burton.

The Taylor-Burton diamond and the furore around his grinding process

A diamond in the rough with the impressive size of 240,80 carats was found in 1966 in the premier mine near the South African town of Cullinan. The well-known American jeweler Harry Winston (1896-1978) bought him and went in together with the gemstone Cleaver Pastor colon junior-in thought, as the rough diamond could be the best share. These plans withdrew over six months and the final split became a true media spectacle. She occurred in the spotlight of reporters and representatives of TV channels, and captivated the public with Pastor colon and Harry Winston with. The company was a huge success, two completely intact pieces were won, the smaller of 78 carats and the larger of 162 carats, which subsequently was the Taylor-Burton diamond. Pastor colon called after he had seen his work happily from “Beautiful!”. The 162-karätige gem was ground to a drop-shaped 69-Carat though was expected initially with a size of 75 carats.

The Taylor-Burton diamond – to hard-fought battle in the possession of Richard Burton

First Harriet Annenberg sought Ames, the sister of an American Ambassador in London, the later Taylor-Burton diamond. She acquired him in 1967 by Harry Winston, decided but two years later to sell the gem. The reason for this was that she not dared because of its high value, to wear it in public. So was it the legendary auction of diamonds, which Richard Burton was initially empty. It was agreed that the one who offers the highest sum for the gem, may give him a name. So decided the Chairman of the luxury brand owners be Robert Kenmore Cartier later, Cartier to baptize the diamond.
The next day however, Richard Burton put all the stops, to come yet to its destination, to get the remarkable gem for its Liz Taylor. So there are reports according to which Burton has negotiated with the agent by Robert Kenmore in the foyer of a hotel at a pay phone and finally unnerved is said to have exclaimed: “I don’t care, how much it costs”. The exact sale amount is not known, that its owner ultimately agreed to sell and the diamond was named Taylor-Burton is only safe. The condition was that he was allowed to be issued by Cartier in New York and Chicago. Daily poured over 6,000 people to the window of the New York business, in which the Taylor-Burton diamond was, to take a look at the high-profile gem.

For the first time the diamond was held birthday of Elizabeth Taylor on the occasion of the 40th Grace Kelly Monaco on a chain, which was decorated in addition to the Taylor-Burton diamond with numerous small, teardrop-shaped diamonds. Under strictest security, the Taylor-Burton diamond for the occasion from New York to Nice was flown.

The Taylor-Burton diamond and other jewelry by Elizabeth Taylor

The Taylor-Burton diamond was not the first exquisite jewel that gave Richard Burton of his wife. Before she had gotten 1968 the 33,19-karätigen Krupp Emerald-cut diamonds from him, which she carried a ring and who was one of her favorite pieces of jewelry.
Also the famous Peregrina Pearl, which at the time was considered its discovery in the 16th century, the largest Pearl ever, won Richard Burton to Liz Taylor. He paid in an auction for the Pearl, which has made a name for their admirable beauty, 37,000 US dollars and handed her his wife for Valentine’s day.

After the Taylor-Burton, gemstone Taylor got a big heart-shaped diamond that is named Taj Mahal, which was equipped on both sides with Arabic inscriptions in 1972. He was integrated into an elaborate necklace with diamonds in gold and rubies.

Sale of the Taylor-Burton diamond after the divorce of Liz Taylor and Richard Burton

In response to their divorce in 1978 Liz Taylor decided to auction the Taylor-Burton diamond, and a portion of the profit to fund the construction of a clinic in Botswana. So, the gem was bought and resold in the same year to its current owner Robert Mouawad 1979 by the jeweller Henry Lambert from New York for $ 5 million. This was easy to grind the Taylor-Burton diamond, by small changes in the girdle and the Culet. His current weight is 68,09 carats.
Following the death of Elizabeth Taylor was in the year 2011 to auction her other jewelry, the necklace with the Peregrina Pearl for $ 11.8 million and the ring Diamond for $ 8.8 million was sold with the Krupp.

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