The Most Popular Forms of Engagement Diamonds

The Most Popular Forms of Engagement Diamonds

All engagement rings diamond look divine. But, have you ever wondered what makes them different each other? One of the main characteristics of diamonds-or, at least, the most obvious-is the cutting of the stone. Learn here what are the most popular cuts to choose which suits you.

The Most Popular Forms of Engagement Diamonds

Round Brilliant

This is one of the most popular cuts. Perfectly round, it has an intense brightness because of its 58 polished faces. It is the brightest of all, but also one of the most expensive.


It was created in France in 1960 and has now become in the second most popular cut. It is characterized by extremely bright.


It is an extremely elegant and unique cut. Since it is elongated, it appears to be larger than other cuts. It is very bright and perfect for small hands, maybe lengthen and slim fingers.


This Diamond cut into a pear shape is perfect for the hands look more feminine. To this effect, the pointed portion should point at the front of the body.


It is a very similar design to the oval, but with the sharp points instead of round (something like a ball of football). They are elongated and narrow, they appear to be larger.


The most romantic of all! When choosing one, it is important that you check that you have aperfect symmetry. Also, the tip should be pointed and not round. They are a good choice if you plan to buy a diamond of more than.50 k; otherwise, the way no shall be charged as well.


This Court, inspired by the Court given to emeralds, is rectangular and has cut corners. It is very elegant and has an unique vintage air.


It is a mixture between the rectangular cutout and the oval, and has, as is, the form of a cushion.It is a classic cut that has gained a huge popularity in recent years. It is usually accompanied by a halo of smaller diamonds.

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