The Most Popular Engagement Ring

The Most Popular Engagement Ring

Whether you are a bride or not, we bet you’re already gone watch some engagement rings on the internet … These are not the models that are missing! Moreover, the most popular, white gold, costs 3800 euros. Ready to crack?

The Most Popular Engagement Ring

To choose the subject of his marriage, his dress, flowers or table decoration, you have access to thousands of proposals and can save those items you need most.

Yes, but before all that, we must get engaged and find the perfect engagement ring.

The preferred engagement ring

Fortunately, these are the engagement rings you can not miss on Songaah. So be it your dream for celibacy phase, or to find the gem to show (discreetly) to your darling, do not hesitate to check it out.

And maybe you will fall for the star of engagement rings?

The most saved ring, the people “pinnent” as their “board”, is called Verragio. It is made of white gold with diamonds and 18 carat to 0.45 carat. And besides having a beautiful diamond insert, the ring is decorated with a pretty border.

The Verragio is impressive with the 78 000 “pins”, as its price since it costs $ 4 500, or 3800 euros.

It remains to see if it fits in your budget (if you are among the 54% of women who are willing to pay their own ring), or that of your lover …

The Most Popular Engagement Ring 1

The Most Popular Engagement Ring 2

The Most Popular Engagement Ring 3

The engagement ring, the object of all desires

Obviously, the ring will not please everyone. Too big, too convoluted, too flashy: some prefer simplicity or even a single diamond as long as it is pure.

But you craquiez on this model or not, the engagement ring is still a must for many women.

A tradition fed regularly by the incredible stories of iconic engagement rings, or the stars of rings, each more dazzling than each other.

As long as we remember that the engagement ring represents above all a strong link between two lovers, one can have fun and choose the model that tells us the most!