The Facets of a Wonderful Love …


Keep in mind the special moments with special pieces of jewelery, never forget one-time events – make it like the trampaar Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella: every new chapter of their great love is accompanied by a piece of jewelery.

In the new edition of SimplyLove, you will read the five chapters of her great love: Engagement, First Wedding, Children, 2nd Wedding and Anniversary.In addition, the prominent couple shows us the wonders of how they share these experiences.

Look forward to many tips and tricks, as the application will surely work out.Giovanni Zarrella reveals how he asked his Jana Ina … Even more secrets in the latest issue of the magazine for the real moments in life.

Rings – the symbols of love

Which ring for which type?What alloy?With diamonds?Without stones?When choosing the wedding rings, there are many choices to make.Our new magazine shows you trends, classics and special styles – let yourself be inspired by the great and unique variety.After all, you should have a lifetime at your marriage (m) ring.

More tips for an unforgettable wedding

If you want to celebrate in the big and classic style, you have to consider a few things.What, when and how to plan?What accessories?Which dress?Must haves for the man?What decoration?Questions about questions … Let yourself be inspired by our current magazine.We have put together a lot of ideas and tips for the most beautiful day in your life.

Experience romance, feelings, exclusive jewelery and valuable tips for your dream day – from and with the SimplyLove trampar Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella.
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