The Diamond – 10 Facts You Should Know About the King of Gemstones

You will find that diamonds are charmingly beautiful? Learn more about the fascinating gems in the following:

1. the diamond and its remarkable characteristics

A diamond is very special, which reveals his name already: Diamond is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, which translates “the invincible” itself can be. Thus, the name arose diamond because it is the hardest mineral with a Mohs hardness of 10, of whose existence one knows.
Also has a diamond with 2.42 on the largest refractive index can have a solid. As a result of the incoming rays of light are reflected almost fully back, making the stunning brilliance and exciting fiery appearance come about.

2. the four CS – these quality criteria will be assessed a diamond

To estimate the quality of a diamond, four parameters to its assessment have emerged: the four CS – Carat (karat), cut (cut), colour (color) and clarity (purity). A diamond is rated and classified by independent test institutes according to these points. In addition, a diamond has less important characteristics that play in assessing its quality, such as the Polish and the fluorescence.

3 Carat (karat) – the diamond: its size and its weight

The term Carat is originally from the Greek. Kerátion (κεράτιον) the fruits of the carob tree were called there, whose seed is characterised by the fact that they all have nearly the same weight of equivalent 0.2 g. They were used long time as unit and still today to measure the weight of diamonds usually carat. It is also common to specify the size of a diamond in points, this 100 points correspond to a carat.
Because a big diamond is significantly less common than a small, also the price per carat increases with the size.

4. cut (cut) – increase the brilliance of a diamond by a well-executed finish

The cut (cut) is the only one of the Four CS, which is dictated not by nature, but depends on the ability and skill of the grinder. A diamond is carefully and skillfully honed, a stunning light effect is achieved. For this, it is important that certain angles and proportions are respected; a diamond is too shallow, creates a cloudy appearance, he is too deep, arise for the eye of the beholder dark spots in its Center.
So that the diamond has a harmonious and beautiful, it is also important that the individual facets are designed carefully and evenly and is respected in their arrangement closely to observe the symmetry.
All points are followed exactly and the cut is therefore very well executed a maximum of light that is scattered in the bright colors of the Rainbow is reflected, and the diamond receives a sparkling fiery appearance.

5. colour (color) – the diamond and the rating scale for its color

A diamond is completely colorless, so the dazzling spectrum are particularly well, because the white rays of light can freely fall and are reflected. The color of a gemstone is determined with the help of a finely graded scale – it starts with the letter D and ends with the letter Z. A diamond in color D is extremely rare and desirable; a diamond falls under the category of Z If a clear yellow or brown stitch is visible.

6 clarity (purity) – scale for the classification of the purity of a diamond

A completely pure diamond is composed entirely of carbon, but the significant majority of these gems, has tiny impurities in the form of inclusions in the Crystal structure, which make unique each individual diamond. Depending on the size and number of these inclusions, the light is more or less severely so increases the value of a gemstone with its purity. To classify them, a diamond is considered by experts under the microscope in tenfold magnification. No inclusions or blemishes are visible, the diamond can be described (flawless, internally flawless) as FL.

7 certification – GIA, IGI and HRD as a diamond certificates

Reputable providers, you will receive your diamond with certificate from an independent test Institute. Is a leader in this area the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), other institutes are the IGI (International Gemological Institute) and the HRD Antwerp. The certificate confirms that the diamond is real; In addition, its quality and its value can be assessed. A more security about the identity of a diamond is a laser engraving is attached to him that maps clearly each other stone and certificate.

8 acknowledging – a diamond and its origin

A certificate is also important, because this can ensure that it is not at the gem to a conflict diamond, whose Erlös was used to finance civil wars in African countries.

9. the Fancy Diamond – a colored diamond

In contrast to the colorless, the colored diamonds – Fancy Diamonds – are much less common. Just about every ten thousandth found diamond is color and has a strong and deep shade. The diamond does exist in all colors: yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, green, Brown and black. At the fancy diamonds , the coloring comes either through inclusions of other minerals or by changes in the structure of the crystal lattice. Unlike in a colorless diamond fancy diamonds are especially valuable with an intense and saturated hue.

10. the diamond and its different cut forms

A diamond can be shaped in various ways. The most popular and at the same time the most common diamond cut is the brilliant cut; all other cut shapes are grouped together under the generic term of Fancy Cuts . In this group there are forms which corresponds to the arrangement of the facets of those of the brilliant cut: the brilliant cuts (oval cut, drop cut, Marquise Cut, and heart cut). They are characterized by their distinctive brilliance and fire.
A second group consists of the Step Cuts – there, the facets are langezogen and arranged in parallel, which remember the steps of a staircase (Emerald-cut, Asscherschliff).
The Mixed Cuts, where many facets such as the brilliant cut and some as in the Step Cuts are arranged are a hybrid of the two. Examples of this are the princess cut, cushion cut, and the radiant cut.

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