The Cocktail Ring – Wicked Character of Enjoyment and Daily Companion of Self-Confident Women

Just in time to Rosenmontag, we examine the history of the cocktail ring, whose name is program…

Illegal Alkoholparties during prohibition: origin of the cocktail ring

The name cocktail ring stems from the fact that this piece of jewelry was originally worn in the 20s on illegal cocktail parties in the United States. The trade in alcohol was prohibited during the period from 1919 to 1932. The cocktail ring was a symbol that its wearer openly professes to drink alcohol and to disregard the law. The oversized large, luxurious ring suited very well to this provocative purpose.

The status of the cocktail ring today

Meanwhile, this meaning has changed since drinking cocktails should no longer take place on officially banned celebrations. The extravagant and opulent character has remained the cocktail ring and still he stands for strong self-confidence of its wearer, whether at private parties or on the red carpet.

Characteristics of the cocktail ring

The cocktail ring is characterised by its size and conspicuousness. He is adorned by a large, polished to the cabochon gem in its classical form. A cabochon is round or oval in shape, its bottom side is convex rounded just the upper. This cut the shimmer inherent in the gemstones is particularly good. The surface is usually smooth here.
In addition to this classic model there are many whimsical variations and variations, E.g. cocktail rings are available, which take its name literally and whose gems or precious stone imitations take the form of small glasses with straws or umbrellas.

The cocktail ring from the collection of rocks & Rockies

The cocktail ring collection of rocks & Rockies by RENÉSIM, which was jointly designed by Franz & Maximilian Hemmerle, of course goes back to the classic model.
Instead of the usual cabochon-cut with a smooth surface, the gemstones are faceted cut. Thus they remind according to the name of the collection of angular boulders, how you can find them at sea coasts.
The RENÉSIM of rocks cocktail ring is made in 18 carat 750 yellow gold, Rosé gold or white gold. The ring is available in two sizes, the gemstone of either 7.5 or 11 carats is ground to a round, faceted cabochon and has a diameter of 13 mm or 15 mm.
Not every gemstone is suitable according to Franz Hamed for the cocktail ring. The selection is oriented, what gems in highest quality and aesthetics in the desired size and with the appropriate polishing are available. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies for example are very rare and therefore extremely precious in the required size – a Rock cocktail ring with these gems would be an extravagant wish that RENÉSIM could meet but quite so.
In the selection of different varieties for the collection model, especially the color range played a role in selected was inspired by different types of women in addition to the technical feasibility — the cocktail ring with a Blue Topaz is ideal for light types with blue eyes, he is suited for. In contrast, sparkles a green amethyst with green eyes to the bet and goes well with dark hair, while an orange citrine with brown eyes and a dark skin color blends.

The cocktail ring created by Sonja Kiefer for RENÉSIM

The successful Munich fashion designer Sonja Kiefer has created a cocktail ring in 2010 for RENÉSIM. Their task was to design the perfect ring for the perfect evening dress. Sonja Kiefer, who has made a name above all by stylish evening gowns, is always new challenges. So she drew up the interiors of three models for BMW – for a Z3 roadster, a 3 Series Sedan and a 3 Series Coupé. For Garcia, it has designed a collection of evening shoes. The sandals and pumps Sonja Kiefer has demonstrated her love for detail.
On the idea of designing a cocktail ring for RENÉSIM, the fashion designer has come, because it is itself in possession of Rock cocktail ring in white gold with a Blue Topaz. The ring, charming highlights her blue eyes and her bright type, became one of their most popular pieces of jewelry. So the idea was born in a conversation with Maximilian Hemmerle, to design your own model of a cocktail ring.
She was inspired in her creation of the iconic star-shaped hair jewelry by Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, as he on one of the most famous portraits of “Sissi” can be seen.
As Sonja Kiefer put four star-shaped applications from white gold on the 750 Rosé gold cocktail ring designed by her, who play with a total of 56 champagne and white diamonds. A large domed, polished to a dome shaped morganite crowned the cocktail ring. The colour of this particularly large gemstone with a diameter of 20 mm is a pale violet to pink.
Its colours is so understated and elegant, its shape, however, extravagant and extraordinary. While the other rocks cocktail rings can be worn quite well during the day, Sonja jaw ring is most probably in the evening to the “little black” or ball gown.