The Chicest Oktoberfest Tents – Tradition in the Expensive Garment

After the summer this year I me promptly almost not occurred hat…wende the just broken next season to. Of course, I mean not the month nearest, cooler and more dismal season, but rather that which is termed 5th season in Munich. The Münchners favourite Kindl so to speak, the Oktoberfest – also known as the for far away from the Weißwurstäquators of living Wiesnbesuchern often confusion founding term “Oktoberfest”.

Since last Saturday, the Oktoberfest is running again and although she celebrates its 200jähriges anniversary this year, it has not in attractiveness and beauty eingebü t also in old age. The first Wiesnwochenende is already well over and it is, as it always is at the Oktoberfest …und very good it feels.

This year the largest folk festival in the world will spot for 17 days for well over 6 million visitors to the hot in September, a microcosm of a special kind. We refer to a definition of a microcosm, so this distinguishes itself by its own laws, problems and opportunities. Since the Oktoberfest has enough of its own laws and problems (what they look like), I would like to the possibilities highlight today closer – and those choosing a tent. Finally, each Wiesnbesucher has a choice of 14 major and several klein(er)en halls. And I now want to introduce those, which is far more than just a touch of luxury, glamour and glamour in the air. In short – the smarter looking, more elegant tents have been, where I just the right take out, to make the classification according to own aspects.

Selected have I (it will surprise few people): the Wine tent, protecting marquee, the Hippodrome and the beetle BB´s Wies ´ n Tavern.

Let me start with the Wine tent, because it is simply the best on the subject of beer ;-). Here sits and (later) and not dancing man on beer accessories such as in a variety of other tents, but does so rather in wooden boxes with quite comfortably upholstered Eckbänken. In addition to the beetle BB´s Wies ´ n tavern is the Wine tent, the only tent, in which even after 23:00, when all other tents (need to) shut the Scots, yet best atmosphere and are all tent visitors on another 120 minutes of social togetherness.

Celebrated is not complete without beer in the Wine tent, as you might expect. Otherwise, a selection of carefully selected wines dominated flanked by Nymphenburg champagne and Prosecco and champagne by Louis Roederer, Paulaner wheat beer in the wheat beer glass is served until 21: 00. The drink selection is undoubtedly one of the reasons for the high rate of women in the Wine tent.

And for all those who this year celebrate the first time in the Wine tent. Don’t be surprised if at the tables right in front of the band all of a sudden rain umbrellas are doled out and quickly. Because it’s not raining through the roof in, but is rather a “precaution” against the by now traditional, honored by some guests sponsored, champagne showers. The tent is run by the known gastro family Kuffler, which among others include restaurants such as the Spatenhaus Opera, Seehaus in the English garden, mangosteen Ostin or the Green Valley Inn.

Turns to a beer Hall and a stylish before his mind’s eye wine bar as well as the respective guest before, then you get a sense of what “clientele” in the Wine tent runs very quickly. Without a doubt, send and mature visitors and their sign connoisseurs… for what ever!

Next I would like to like to highlight the protect marquee closer. The tent at the foot of the Bavaria statue (the Bavarian Patron Saint) with the geranium balconies and modern shooting lanes is a popular meeting place of the German nobility and the young Munich jeunesse Dorée. The wealthy and gluttonous, easy-going descendants of neither families share table and tent with fashion and media people, “the Franciscan” – regulars and of course the shooter.

But also large companies and banks appreciate the dignified society and in turn invite business partners and customers to the lively Oktoberfest stay. Not by chance the world-renowned firm of Tiffanys aligns Oktoberfest Saturday here his annual “breakfast at Tiffanys” on the first.

The tent is located just off the beer road, and thus not necessarily in sight (limited quite certainly in the course of the day) and field of view of big crowds and tourists. A culinary must visit is the suckling pig in malt beer sauce with coleslaw. Additionally a level (Group) and then also been happily on individual visitors and visitors “targeted” charm… of course only with a disarming smile and a salvo of cartridge.

Directly at the main entrance of the Oktoberfest the Hippodrome, his character of one of the Promizelte on the Oktoberfest stands in striking red. The Promiwirt Sepp Krätz (u.a owns the forestry and the Andechser am DOM) has made socially acceptable beer tent since work 15 years ago and in 2008 the “5 Star Diamond Award” (the “Oscar” for the best and most luxurious facilities and products) by the “American Academy of Hospitality Sciences” presented to get. National and international celebrities from film, television, sports, politics, science and economy are among the illustrious guests.

A good cross section of the guests would probably look like: in addition to Bayern President Uli Hoeneß, the Bavarian Prime Minister, recognizing often as Boris Becker, the Klitschko brothers, Thomas Gottschalk, Dieter Wedel, Veronica Ferres, Heino Ferch, and that in the past, or other model. This list could still freely continue to, but I want single name me even for the introduction of the beetle BB´s Wies ´ n Tavern pick up.

At the many celebrity events such as the Alpine lift, pictured Oktoberfest regulars or the Sixt not only much celebrities ladies Oktoberfest itself, but not lacking also young, beautiful people who are more or (usually) less prominent or important, but still in the Hippodrome feel contented and provide atmosphere. The flirt factor in the tent is correspondingly high, especially at the extremely popular champagne bar. Not just rare here newly formed friendships with 12 l bottles of bubbly are splashed. Singles are here very good hands… it’s called. That’s a little tingles at the champagne bar, I can understand well. Whether interpersonal or only in the glass is probably different from case to case.

We come to the next celebrity host, the well-known deli King Michael Käfer. His “Wiesnzelt”, the beetle BB´s Wies ´ n Tavern, the hot-spot for celebrities from all over the world, but also for the Munich crowd is clearly next to the Hippodrome. Of course many society sons and Premortal under the exclusive circle of the beetle mix guests.

If you compressed wants to see team the entire FC Bayern in the smallest space, then one should be necessarily in the beetle tent. Because in the stadium you should have already playing field, bench and stands at a glance, to see all to können…und that it is with the one or the other player on the toilet, I consider rather unlikely in the stadium. And if ye then ever in there, then you can also equal times our “Emperor” Franz or even celebrities such as Boris Becker, Bernd Eichinger, Lothar Matthäus, Werner Mang, Günther Netzer (…ohne Gerhard Delling present) etc. etc. toast. Also more or less many journalists and paparazzi in the beetle are logical.

In the wooden half-timbered House in the country house style with its winding rooms, the comfortable seating areas and of eclectic decoration is celebrated as in the Wine tent until 1 am properly. In addition, a large beer garden offers the possibility those “part of the beetle spell”, which have not book tapes or a celebrity bonus.

No matter in which the featured tents man/woman is staying, celebrations in elegant surroundings, with fancy costumes and excellent food is guaranteed in any case. And certainly it is often the one or the other Member of RENESIM.COM in the said tents vorfinden…wenn you wasn’t has done on the first weekend. In this Sinne…auf goes BB´s to the Oktoberfest!