The British Crown Jewels – New Exhibition on the Occasion of the Diamond Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II.

On June 2, 1953, the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. took place 60 years ago. In connection with the celebrations from 2nd to 5th June 2012, the gallery in the Tower of London, in which a part of the Crown jewels can be visited, was rearranged. They are worldwide regarded as the most precious treasure of jewellery and precious stones, and it is worth to take a closer look at some of the masterpieces, which were worn also by Queen Elizabeth II. on certain ceremonial occasions.

The St. Edward’s Crown (St. Edward’s Crown) of the British Crown jewels

This Crown, designed in its present form in the year 1662 in accordance with a previous model, is used only for coronations. She is massively made of gold and is decorated in the whole of 444 fine gems such as sapphires, Smaragden, rubies and diamonds, as well as many beads. On their Crown ring decorated with twelve rosettes made of precious stones and two rows of pearls, lilies and paw crosses of gold alternate. The Crown bar apply to the four crosses that are crowned with a cross on a globe on the cusp.

A highlight of the Crown jewels – the Imperial State Crown

The Imperial State Crown is one of the highlights of the British Crown jewels. The basic form consisting of resembles a wide tire, lilies, paw crosses and globe of the St. Edward’s Crown. In its current version, which is oriented in the design of previous models, it was made in 1937.
She is incredibly richly decorated with not less than 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, and five rubies. These jewels are also extremely prestigious copies; so, the upper cross Pattée with the Sapphire is decorated, the allegedly the Saint Edward should have heard. The front cross Pattée is also adorned by a gem named Ruby of the Black Prince . Actually, it is however a spinel from 170 carats, the Geschichte can be traced back to the 14th century, when he was in the possession of Edward of Woodstock, called the Black Prince, came.
A special eye-catcher of the Crown jewels, which contributes to the fame of the Imperial State Crown is the 317,4-karätige Cullinan II Diamond, called also small star of Africa .
The St. Edward’s Crown is worn very short time during the actual coronation, but replaced by the lighter Imperial State Crown for the rest coronation.

The Cullinan I diamond in the sceptre with the cross in the British Crown jewels

The great Star of Africa, the 530,2-karätige Cullinan I diamond, is situated under the British Crown jewels. To present it adequately, the Royal sceptre was in 1905 with the cross (sceptre with the cross) revamped and now includes prominently the imposing jewel which Golden Jubilee is the second largest diamond in polished form after.
During the coronation, the sceptre with the cross in the right hand of the monarch is worn. in his left hand, the sceptre is held simultaneously with the Dove.

The ORB – one of the major royal insignia of the Crown jewels

At the same time with the two wands, also the ORB was made in 1661. During a part of the coronation ritual, this is carried in the left hand. It consists of a Golden Ball, in which the upper is separated from the lower half by a circumferential band artfully arranged stones. Another such band is located in the upper hemisphere. The grand finale will make over and over a large Amethyst cross decorated with diamonds.

The great sword of State of the British Crown jewels – the coronation sword

An important role to play as the coronation of a further piece of the Crown jewels: the great sword of State. It was awarded Queen Elizabeth II. during the ceremony before the remaining Crown jewels.
It is the largest sword of the Crown jewels, whose Golden Griff has very rich decorations. One side of the Crosspiece is a lion and the other a Unicorn; the protective cover for the blade is decorated with floral motifs made of gold which symbolic meanings. So is the rose of England, the Thistle for Scotland.

The Armills and the coronation ring from the Crown jewels

Also the Armills are inextricably connected with the coronation – bracelets, which are a traditional part of the British Crown jewels and symbolically for the wisdom and sincerity of the ruler. A new pair of Armills was produced extra for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. This golden wide bracelets, which are decorated with ornamental engravings are held by a hinge in the form of a rose. On the inside, an inscription, in which you will be dedicated to Armills Queen Elizabeth II. located in a purple velvet upholstery.
The coronation ring bears the name wedding ring from England as an alternative and occupies an important place in the coronation rite. The ring of Queen Elizabeth II. used was made in 1831 and consists of a large sapphire, on which five rubies in cross shape are arranged. The gemstone is surrounded by numerous small diamonds.

The jewelry of Coronation of Elizabeth II: the tiara, the necklace and earrings

On their way to Westminster Abbey, where the coronation took place, Queen Elizabeth II. wearing a DIAdem, which was originally made in 1821 to Georg IV.. The tiara which has won popularity mainly through his image on coins and stamps, is brilliant-cut diamonds as well as occupied with 169 pearls with 1.333. This piece consists of the British Crown jewels in a Crown-Frost, which is decorated with a row of diamonds between two rows of pearls. About join ornaments from diamonds in the form of a rose (emblem of England), a thistle (emblem of Scotland) and of two Irish clover leaves.
Also the necklace and the earrings were set with diamonds. These were jewels of Queen Victoria from the year 1858. The gems of the Colliers were used for this purpose from other Crown jewels, a sword handle and badge of honor. The main focus is the 22,48-karätige Teardrop Lahore diamond.
The side stones of the Indian version of the famous Koh-i-Noor diamond was used for the earrings matching to the necklace.

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