The Autobiography “Joyaux Confidences” By RenÉ SIM Lacaze

Receive the following exclusive insights into the hitherto unpublished memoirs of the well-known jewelry designer of the 20th century, René Sim Lacaze. Lacaze of his daughter and thus his grandson Maximilian Hemmerle, has inherited one of the founders of the online jeweler RENÉSIM, his memoirs.

The tracks “Joyaux & confidences” of the memoirs of René SIM Lacaze, which he wrote at the age of 92, is with translated “Jewels and confidential communications”. The successful French designer jewellery pieces lived from 1901 until the year 2000.

The childhood of René SIM Lacaze in Paris

René Sim Lacaze in his autobiography about the fascination that has exerted on him his mother’s Paris fashion house. The different characters of the people who were for René Sim Lacaze in his childhood of importance, are described in his memoirs – including his aunt, Madame Bignon, his uncle, Armand and his parents. These people were all on his later career influence; his aunt helped him in his love for the dazzling in numerous colors fabrics of tailoring, and with his uncle, he visited the masterpieces of great artists at the Louvre.
The holiday season, he and his family often in the Castle Repaire spent, took advantage of René Sim Lacaze to customize in the surrounding park landscape Aquarelle.
The fashion house, which belonged to his mother and his aunt, was closed during the first world war and his older brother Pierre was the impact of a grenade to the victim at the age of 21 years.

The decision by René Sim Lacaze jeweler to be

After he failed to win his father for his career, René Sim Lacaze entered Mahadeo in the Studio, working together with selected Jewelers such as Cartier. Initially he was used mainly for the transport of goods, an event which he used to get to know new faces of the city on his wanderings through Paris.
In 1921, René Sim Lacaze completed his military service. Here his drawing talent was recognized and it was entrusted with creating photo montages.
After his time in the military, applied René Sim Lacaze at the renowned jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels, and was lucky enough to be hired as new employees.
He created a wide range of imaginative jewelry pieces for this company and was even commissioned to produce designs for jewels in the context of international competitions. At the “exposition international des arts Décoratifs et of the modern industries” he received a silver medal. Once René Sim Lacaze served even as a jury member at the “exposition coloniale”, he belonged to the Group of operators – there African-looking pieces of jewellery were exhibited.

René Sim Lacaze and the significant role of his wife Simone

René Sim Lacaze met his future wife Simone at the age of 25 years, a short time after the death of his mother. It was the first meeting between the two through a friend of his late mother. They had expressed her friend over to want to experience the marriage of her son.
The plan was successful, René and Simone met more and more and soon was talking of an engagement. A brilliant 1.51 carats by Van Cleef & Arpels adorned the engagement ring chosen by René Sim Lacaze.
The wedding took place in the Parisian church of Saint-Roch in 1928 and the newly married couple moved near the Pont de Grenelle in the Avenue de Versailles in Paris.
To clarify an artist name, for which he used the first syllable of the name of his wife – the important role of Simone in his life chose René SIM Lacaze, who was originally only René Lacaze, thus the name “René Sim” was born.
The couple had four children: Pierre, Monique, Geneviève, and Bruno. The daughter of Geneviève is the mother of Maximilian Hemmerle, a co-founder of the online jeweler RENÉSIM.

The career of René Sim Lacaze as jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels

In 1937, René Sim Lacaze took on a new task at Van Cleef & Arpels: he was increasingly employed as a salesman. Herein, he was very successful, which is why as a promotion he was offered, in addition to take care of the offices in Monte Carlo, Cannes and Nice. Simone was René SIM Lacaze declined position with the idea of longer times by her husband to be separated, not happy, and. In retrospect he was always convinced that this was the right decision, because he again could dedicate his designs for new creations in the aftermath.

René SIM Lacaze at Mauboussin’s commitment

After an interruption due to the second world war his work as a jewelry designer, he entered the service of the Mauboussin jewelry store House. The next 20 years of his artistic career he remained this connected.
Also, he designed many pieces of jewellery for celebrities, such as actress Michèle Morgan or Marlene Dietrich.
René Sim Lacaze presents a wide variety of sources through which he was inspired for his imaginative jewelry creations. As examples, he mentions the blonde curls of a woman who he used as the starting point for a new design, as well as a conversation between women about their luck, whereupon he designed a clip in the form of a four-leafed clover leaf.

René Sim Lacaze and Watercolour Painting

René SIM Lacaze to produce watercolours, which he successfully exhibited in galleries and offered for sale used his retirement in 1968.
His wife Simone died in 1976, and René SIM Lacaze the profit of 160,000 francs from one of his exhibitions to an organization in support of blind people donated. Other humanitarian activities followed, which is why he was awarded the “Président-international certificat appréciation”.

René SIM Lacaze as the namesake of the online jeweler RENÉSIM

The name of the online jeweler RENÉSIM goes back to the successful in the jewellery industry and creative personality René Sim Lacaze. The grandson of René SIM Lacaze, Maximilian Hemmerle, is one of the two founders of the online jeweller, which aims, inter alia, to continue the fascinating heritage of his grandfather.

Further information on the content of the memoirs in the following PDF is described in more detail in which the creation of the unique artist: summary of the memoirs of René SIM Lacaze.