Tennis racket form Brosch Pin

A brooch in the form of tennis is a great gift for tennis fans in your life. With the many options on the market, tennis players are sure to find a brooch that reflects their love for the sport.

Tennis Racket-shaped Brosch Pin Designs

You can find a lot of pins and pin jewelry tennis theme. Some have a tennis ball, while others represent the numbers of the tennis player. You will be surprised by the variety of designer jewelry pin tennis theme.

  • Glittering rackets: It is easy to find a crystal, diamond or cubic zirconia encrusted pin rack in silver, gold or white gold.Many of the pins have knitted gold or gold threads that simulate fabric pattern string a racket.
  • Gems and pearls: If you love beads, you can also find a brooch with a pearl or pearl colored in the middle of the racket to simulate a tennis ball.This feature adds extra interest and utilizes an oval racket in a dynamic design overall.
  • Tennis Angelo: If angels are a favorite icon, then mix in your passion for tennis courts angel with a pin.This style of brooch generally created from precious metal and has a stylized angel and a tennis racket.
  • Friendship tennis brooch: Some designs are known as “friendship pin” and has two crossed tennis rackets, sometimes adorned with pearls and precious stones, real or created.These pins are a set of two. She has a brooch and give your best friend the other.
  • Figure Tennis brooch: A character design is a nice touch for a brooch.Typically, these pins are a woman or a girl wearing a tennis dress and placed in the position to serve the tennis ball to her partner.
  • Pins Novelty: Although it may take some “search to find what you want, novelty pins are always fun. One of the newest pins may be purchased using your bat in the face of a clock, so you never too late to serve time in the field.
  • Pins Victorian: A popular style of the diocese during the Victorian era used the hands holding the object, like a bouquet of flowers, a pen, a fan, a basket, or even a tennis racket.Antique Pewter has been a popular choice of metal pins and pins.
  • Brooches customized: you can find out a couple of sticks in the shape of bats that have their own name as part of the overall design.You might be lucky enough to find one with your name, or you can choose to buy one that can be engraved.

Other patterns Clever Brooch or Pin

Some of the most creative designs include small crystals, diamonds or gemstones in the racket handle.A two-piece pin as tennis, availble dazzle City, is made of two parts. The first component is the tennis racket which has a pin back. The second portion is a pin of diamond, which is connected to the racket of a chain 14K. This design allows the pivot diamond symbolizes tennis ball in different configurations with tennis racket. Some projects use a gemstone or pearl pins instead of diamond.Occasionally, commemorative Wimbledon tennis pin or brooch will on auction sites. Such brooch marked the tournament in 1998. The museum has an original Wimbledon 1920 tennis brooch. Another brooch is from the Victorian era and is a tennis racket in gold with a pearl tennis ball attached to strings of gold.You can find other sport-related commemorative pins for the different tournaments.

If you choose a vintage brooch or go for a just realized, you should be able to find something you like. If you have trouble finding the pin imagine, then you can always opt for a personalized pin. You pay more, but you will end up with a tennis racket-shaped pin one-of-a-kind brooch.