Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - Even On Christmas Day!

Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend – Even On Christmas Day!

At the latest since Marilyn Monroe’s song “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” has become jewelry one of the most popular gifts. The jewelry stores are often visited on Christmas and also in the jewelry departments of department stores, business is booming. Many men want to enjoy their wife or girlfriend with a very special gift. Special and refined jewelry […]

Modern Girls In London: Diamond Jubilee & The Crowns In Tribute To The 60-Year Reign Of Elizabeth II

The United Kingdom is a party. The year 2012 is being very special for the British. Not only for the Olympics which take place in July, but now also because Queen Elizabeth II celebrates his 60-year reign, the so-called Diamond Jubilee (Diamond Jubilee). For us Brazilians may seem not to have much importance so anyway because we don’t have […]