Specialist Knowledge In The Field Of Gems: The Four Cs As Quality Criteria For Diamonds

Have you ever wondered which concluded the large differences in price between various diamonds? Maybe you know even the situation that you see two gems and don’t know why a rather sallow and interesting looks, while the other draws everyone’s attention through his bright brilliance and the inherent fire. But what characteristics largely determine the quality and the appearance of a diamond?

The answer is that there are several factors. The most important are summarized under the term “four CS”: Carat (size in carats), cut (execution of the cut), clarity (purity of the diamond) and colour (color).

The Cut (Cut)-The Hidden Sparkle Of A Diamond Is Visible

Diamonds occurring in nature look inconspicuous, only by skilful grinding they can be in their full beauty. This process requires high skills, because only at a certain portion, a perfectly symmetrical arrangement of facets and a proper polishing the incoming light rays are reflected perfectly and there is the irresistible brilliance of precious stones. The best rating for the touch diamond is excellent (excellent), then follow very good (very good), good (good), fair (relatively well) and least poor (not good).

The Purity (Clarity) – The Transparency Of The Diamond

While diamonds crystallize deep in the bowels of the Earth, foreign minerals may be included in it. Also, it happens often that small cracks are formed. These phenomena cloud the appearance of a diamond, because the light is stopped by them. They are known as inclusions, with hardly a diamond is completely free of them. In General, however, that the value of a gemstone is higher, the smaller and it has fewer inclusions.Any irregularities are under tenfold magnification to detect the diamond receives the predicate of internally flawless (IF, flawless).

The Color (Colour) – The Coveted High-Fine White

Diamonds are available in all colours, but the various shades of yellow are most common. For this, is that the demand is greatest for as pure white diamonds, because they have the most beautiful optical effect. With them, the light can namely are reflected in a colors of of rainbow of. The color is D, a very fine white at the top of the rating scale, the color the lower end is Z, a yellow.

The Number Of Carat (Carat) – The Weight Of A Diamond

The weight of precious stones is specified in Carat where a carat 0.2 grams. The karat number the size of a diamond does not directly can be derived, because this also depends on the proportions and polishing.Because large diamonds are much rarer than small, the price with the number of carats increases disproportionately.

If you want to learn more about diamonds, you can consult the jeweler of you can trust. At RenéSim you are advised based patiently and extensively on a well-founded expertise with great attention to detail. You can read further information about the four CS also on our blog: of the diamond and the assessment of its quality on the basis of the four C: cut, clarity, colour and carat.