Signet Rings – the Jewels of the Powerful

Alec Baldwin is Signet Ring. However, only in the superhero film “Shadow and curse of Khan”.

The ancient Greeks preferred rings with inlaid miniature works of art, while in the middle ages the family or city coats of arms was engraved and merchants put their initials as a signature. But today the functional and decorative piece of jewellery is not obsolete yet.

The most popular subject in ancient Egypt was the scarab. It consisted mostly of the metals gold, silver, bronze or copper and was produced in several variants: either the ring was consistently cast or composed of plates and brackets. Signet rings, covered with a seal stone were rare. Small gods or important animals were later used as an ornament. Since the middle ages, all seals have the mirror image engraving of ornaments, initials or a combination of both. Carved which is the engraving in metal or stone, is a simple ring gold or white gold sits.

Today the Companies Advocate “Sealed”

Four thousand years after I-King Tut-Amon the Signet Ring in the boardrooms of big industrial companies and banks was a fond recognition mark. But in the uncompromising world of profit joined the favor of the right birth increasingly into the background. Today carries the Dax CEO only his wedding ring and wrist dangling the expensive watch. The million heavy contracts sealed the corporate lawyer

Zodiac Sign, Initials or Own Arms in Made to Measure

Signet rings are again increasingly popular as a fashion accessory. But Meanwhile is the family crest often by the own initials replaces or is decorated by symbols, such as the Zodiac or the Meanwhile animal. You can select to even his own coat of arms, help with their implementation, because the so-called heraldic guidelines are graphic artist or designer. This design will be entered in a free roll of arms and checked for duplication with other coat of arms. Also, the Signet Ring is no longer worn on the index finger as it often can be seen on medieval portraits of merchants. The merchants sealed in this way their correspondence and contracts, a function that is largely obsolete. Meanwhile, to wear the Signet Ring on the ring finger. Women discover the attractive accessory for himself – after all, the Signet Ring with a personal engraving in any case a looker and always connected to a story.