Sensational Auction At Christie’s: Top Sum Expected For The Archduke Joseph Diamond

The big fascination emanating from gems, is again and again, if they achieve at auctions dream prices.Speculation in the press is currently hot, how much the Archduke’s will bring a diamond on November 13, 2012 at its auction at Christie – talks are between 15 and 20 million euros.

What makes this gem so special? This question is not difficult to answer, the diamond is exceptional because its size of 76 carats. In addition, that he meets the strictest standards in all other quality criteria. Its color is described as shining and spotless white and he impresses with its perfect purity. This is confirmed by an opinion of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the diamond the highest level of color D and the highest degree of purity IF writes to.

The Spectacular History Of The Archduke Joseph Diamond

Diamond also a great historical value comes to in addition to its beautiful appearance the Archduke. Finally, he comes from the legendary Indian Golkonda mines acquired its reputation due to the beautiful diamonds, you could find there a long time. The gem got its name due, Archduke of Austria (1872-1962) of the House of Habsburg to one of its senior owner.

Lately, especially the singer Celine Dion helped the gemstone into greater prominence. The Archduke Joseph, so much so that by its owner was enable it integrated in a necklace of 57 smaller diamonds to wear it estimates to diamonds. The solemn occasion to do so was the television appearance to her big comeback in 2002. In the same year, the gem at the glamorous Academy Awards was to look at the neck of the actress Laura Harring, who was made famous by David Lynch film “Mulholland Drive – road of darkness”.

Possibly $15 million for a gemstone? Such lovers prices put again in amazement. Somehow it is but understandable that the diamond is so competitive and sought after, finally it’s in him a unique and irreplaceable wonders of nature that there is thus no second time.

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