See Some Espionage Tools Used In The Cold War

While wars today are marked by the image of “Marine,” the soldier equipped with the latest technology military tools, until a few decades ago the story was quite different. During the Cold War, it was the spies who populated the popular imagination – proof of this is that it was during this time that the James Bond character emerged and became known.

Although it was not very pleasant to live with the constant fear that nuclear bombings could happen at any moment, the development of the armament of the time had some interesting results. Proof of this are the tailored equipment used by undercover agents as a way to eliminate targets without causing any suspicion.

A gallery of images hosted on the Imgur website showcases some of the special equipment used by spies of the time. Among them are firearms that could be hidden inside gloves, tape recorders disguised as pieces of wood and even shirt buttons that turn into compasses.

Check out some examples of the most interesting devices that emerged during the years when the United States and Soviet Union fought for world political supremacy. Near what is shown, many of the equipment used by 007 in his adventures ceases to seem simply fruit of the imagination of writers of Hollywood.