Robert Procop: Angelina’s Favorite Jewelry Designer

Robert Procop worked with Angelina pretty one already several times. Here a picture from the movie set for “the tourist”.

Already as a teenager discovered the jeweler Robert Procop his passion for precious stones. Meanwhile, his name stands for one of the favorite jewelry designer of American celebrities. In particular the engagement ring of a Hollywood actress made world famous Robert Procop.

Before his partner Brad Pitt Angelina pretty one 2012 made a marriage proposal, he designed the engagement ring with a large baguette cut diamonds in collaboration with Robert Procop. Over a year of the actor and the jewellery designer should have worked on the design for the diamond ring, whose price according to the world somewhere between 250,000 and 500,000 U.S. dollars.To Angelina pretty one, Robert Procop has a special relationship for years. 2011 was the American jewelry designer collection of the actress involved in the “Style of pretty one”. With the proceeds of the series made of rubies and emeralds, funded the actress and UN Goodwill Ambassador several schools for girls in Afghanistan. Also for the filming of the movie “the tourist” Procop and pretty one worked together, he made the pieces of jewelry that she wore in the film.

Studying Thanks to Diamond Trade

At a young age, Procop earned his money with the purchase and sale of diamonds. He was so successful as a dealer, that he could finance his studies at the University of the merit. This was the beginning of his career. His first boutique in Procop opened Beverly Hills already during his last year at the University. The business most Rodeo Drive runs on a private address which meets designer customers only after an appointment. Meanwhile, Robert Procop has two more shops in Geneva and Hong Kong.

Robert Procops Passion for Precious Stones

His collections are richly decorated. There is the processed gem at the heart of each jewelry piece each. The treasures of Robert Procop are all handmade, often it’s individual copies. But so much the designs of Hollywood stars are estimated, Robert Procop is particularly proud of his knowledge and skills in assessing and trading in diamonds and precious stones. That’s his passion, he told Forbesmagazine. Its network extends from Colombia over Sri Lanka in the leading High Jewelry houses of Paris and London. Procop sells only gems that meet the complex system of the Kimberley process. These are State certificates of origin, which should prevent the “blood diamonds” trade.

Robert Procop: Rare Jewels, Unique Pieces of Jewellery

In addition to his, Robert Procop CEO of British luxury goods group Asprey & Garrard is its three boutiques. The London company, which has existed since 1781, specialises in fine jewellery, watches, as well as high-quality silver and leather goods. But his own brand is still the main business of Rober Procop: the self-declared aim of the jeweller is to offer its customers the rarest gems in the world to manufacture unique pieces of jewellery from it, writes the Forbesmagazine.When Angelina pretty one’s engagement ring, he has reached the target in any case.