Ring with Chain Attached to Bracelet

Wanting to be beautiful – unquenchable. Anything that can give us our culture, we have experienced. Therefore, the possibility happy to use ideas from other cultures and peoples. Bracelet with a ring on a chain came to us after mehendi – India.

However, when it performs more refined, there may be 5 rings, not one. But for us that is all, and enough exotic, even if it is simple silver jewelry. If you would like to emphasize the elegance of the wrist or show originality bracelet with ring chain will help you.
However, to make it look original, not necessarily choose this particular model. Designers and craftsmen handmade currently offers a huge amount of various models bracelets, which are based chain is.

  • Typically bracelet chain. The chain thereof may be of a different color, shape and size. Sometimes decorated with pendants. This could be a variant of jewelry and expensive gold bracelet, chain in hand.
  • Bracelet threads and chains. In this model, several chains attached using threads or beautiful colored ribbons. Also option chain topics.
  • Bracelet chain and beads. This model is very difficult to do, unlike the previous one. This small and hard work. But the result is good. Most of these bracelets made ​​wide – about 4-5 cm. Variation can be bracelet with beads and chains – are golf fantasy. Larger beads and bracelets are often look more expensive. Especially if the style beads, for example beads.

The internet has a lot of information and step by step instructions on how to do this kind of bracelets. If you feel the inspiration and love to do something with your hands – then maybe he will become the owner of not only good, but also quite unique bracelet with chain.