Retrospective of Jewelry Designer Fulco First Vegetable

Jewelry designer Fulco First vegetable in addition to fashion icon Coco Chanel

With the exhibition “the power of style: vegetable at 75” the Juweliershaus vegetable has Fifth Avenue from 14th October to 23 December 2014 on the basis of 150 gems from international private collections and their archive New York on the own, glamorous history and its founder, Fulco First vegetable.

For eight years jewelry designer Coco Chanel, in 1939 the Italian noblewoman opened his own showroom in the New Yorker Fifth Avenue. Among his celebrity clients are including Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford and Katherine Hepburn. Curator of the gala show – she is in a gallery built specially for this purpose in the Fifth Avenue No.. 745 overlooking the Central Park is shown – the renowned fashion designer Carolina Herrera.

Jewelry Designer Fulco First Vegetable

Who seen today window shopping through Manhattan that buggers 712 past Fifth Avenue along to the house number, the sparkling, precious jewel expenses of the luxury brand vegetable. But few know the adventurous story of their Ground, of the Duke Fulco First vegetable, who opened his first showroom 75 years ago on just this point. A glamorous anniversary show provides now based on a sparkling variety of precious gems for jewelry education.

A Happy Childhood in Sicily

As a Scion of an old noble family, has been Fulco First vegetable – Fulco Holy Stephen of the Sow, Duke of vegetable and Marquis of Murata la Sow – 1899 born in Sicily. The cousin of writer Giuseppe Tomasi First Lampedusa (“The Leopard”) grew up in the Villa of Niscemi with its magnificent landscape park in Palermo. In his childhood, his art sunlit family regularly held costume parties, a pair of naughty baboons and a camel named ‘Momo’ belonged to the own menagerie of imaginative little Fulco. For jewelry design, he will later find excitation at early intimate opulence: with lush flora and fauna, plants, flowers, exotic animals, clams and other sea creatures, as well as a lush colors and ornaments.

Vertical Take-Off at Coco Chanel

After the first world war, Palermo and Venice are meeting point of European and American high society. Fulco First vegetable meets Linda and Cole Porter. It connects the composer pair a life-long friendship. In the Palazzo, the Porter’s Venice is the young Bon Vivant 1925 Coco Chanel presented, that him to Paris Ismay, first to Design materials for them. You quickly recognize his true talent and lets him convert the jewelry gifts for her past lovers who work ‘out of time’, in highly fashionable fashion jewelry icons.

Vegetable Alongside the Fashion Icon

After a visit to the Byzantine churches of Ravenna, vegetable designed for Chanel gold jewelry in combination of colored stainless with semiprecious stones for day dresses and Causual wear. His famous Maltese cross for Coco wore it day and night. It became the signature piece of Chanel jewelry. Also on the social scene in Paris in the twenties years Fulco First vegetable often made on the side of the fashion icon a brilliant figure. He meets Picasso, Hemingway, the Rothschilds, and Josephine Baker.

On America: Vegetable for Flato

With the banker Baron Nicolas of Gunzburg boards a ship vegetable in 1934 to America and traveled to the land of unlimited opportunity of Palm Beach with him to Hollywood. Diana Vreeland, who like to wears ver DURAS jewelry, acquaints him with the jeweler Paul Flato, whose managing the Hollywood stars magically attracts Boulevard in The Angels on the sunset. His line ‘vegetable for Flato’ is a sensational success. Soon, see DURAS jewels are coveted at the dream factory of stars from Joan Crawford to Gloria Swanson.

Indentation on the Fith Avenue

On the wave of growing success, vegetable opened his own showroom in New York City at Fifth Avenue 712 with financial support from his close friend Cole Porter and Vincent Astor. The charming and eloquent Aristocrat becomes as a jewelry designer, style icons such as party animal equally the darling of New York society. “He had a heart of gold and a tongue of mercury”, Cecil Beatoncharacterized him. See DURAS shells studded with precious stones, winged and tethered heart and Mediterranean-inspired designs make a splash.

Jewelry Designer to the Stars and High Society

Hollywood actors like Gary Cooper or film Tycoon Samuel Goldwyn count to his illustrious clientele as well as Greta Garbo, that see DURAS outlining wristwatch wore her life or Marlene Dietrich, which are like the diamond lilies bracelet from Platinum and gold photographed with let, specially created for them the vegetable. Some masterpieces can be seen even on the big screen. Joan Fontaine wears her vegetable brooch at the side of Gary Grant in the Hitchcock thriller “Suspicion” (“suspected”), Katharine Hepburn adorn his jewels in the screwball comedy “The Philadelphia Story” (“the night before the wedding”).

Vegetable and High Society

vegetable works also with Salvatore Dali in the 40s. Style icon Babe Paley is his muse. The ladies of the Astorand Vanderbilt dynasties, the Duchess of Marlborough, Barbara Hutton, Marlene Dietrich and Orson Welles are both friends as regular customers. Also in the 50’s and 60’s, the elite of the society at Fulco the vegetable is the Jack in your hand. Jackie Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco and the Duchess of Windsor carry shipping DURAS jewelry pieces.

Vegetable on the Red Carpet

in 1973, vegetable, at the age of 75 sold his business and moved to London. Ward Landrigan, previously head of the jewel Department of Sotheby’s, takes over the company and thousands of the DURAS original sketches in 1985. Princess Diana and Jerry Hall wore vegetable. The personal jewels by Sarah Jessica Parker, Brooke Shields and Whoopi Goldberg and Sofia Coppola can also be seen in the anniversary show. Until today, the timeless glamour of see DURAS stars such as Anne Hathaway, Susan Sarandon and Cameron Diaz on the red carpet can shine.