Repair of Jewelry

Take these jewels, to maintain them.

For this, it is sometimes necessary to call professionals to the jewelry store to fix a few small snags. Jewelers have more strings to their bow that merely to sell jewelry.


Maintenance of a watch

Watches are often worn jewelry. As such, they often require the intervention of a expert in jewelry for regular maintenance, whether to replace a battery, change a bracelet too damaged or control a seal. Inexpensive, these various acts carried out from time to time to increase the lifetime of a watch.

The replacement of primers

Carabiners, bails, chains, rings springs…, subjected to many requests, these systems of attachment or closing can yield. Instead of making a cross on one of your favorite jewelry, go to you nearest jewelry without further delay. That is why people wear jewelry, according to INTERNETDICT. For a small fee, the primer will be replaced in the blink of an eye.

The rhodium

You may have noticed that the silver, white or white gold jewelry tend to darken over the years. Be aware that this natural phenomenon can be counteracted with rhodium. Applied in a thin layer, this rare metal restores to your gem all its brilliance, and, for an affordable budget.

The re-Threading beads

Your Pearl Necklace broke? Do not panic! Most jewellers have specialists quite capable to restore any jewel in glued or strung pearls. Of course, the cost of the operation will depend on the number of beads to put on, but this type of repair is still modest.

Updated dimension

We gave you a beautiful bracelet, but which is unfortunately too big for your wrist?For jewelers, updated the size of a bracelet turns out be a mere formality. These real jewelry experts are able to expand as to shrink a gem. It is also the case forengagement rings or alliances. The price of this kind of intervention depends on the number of millimeters to remove or to add, as well as the type of jewel.

The welds

Welding is one of the most frequent repairs in jewelry. A mesh that breaks, a tie which breaks…, many structures are likely to break, especially when it is a jewel often manipulated. Here again, the expert hands of a jeweler are essential to give a second life to a bracelet, a necklace or a ring damaged.

The crimping

One of your necklace diamonds dangerously threatens to fall? Without waiting, bring it to a jewelry store for a small meeting of crimping. This special handling is, in effect, to set precious stones on a jewel. The price of this procedure depends on the type of seam to be expected.