Pomellato: Milan Jeweler

Always in the spirit of the time, Pomellato constantly renews its collections. Here “Capri” rings by Pomellato.

Before-keep creations, a nearly magical brilliance of round gemstones and a courageous handling of designs: Pomellato dares, and this benefits the young brand – within a comparatively short time, Pomellato plays the greats in the League.

A distinctive concept known quickly gained 1967 Pomellato brand after the founding in Milan.Meanwhile the company founder Pine Rabolini can look forward even more: Pomellato is in Italy and a term, and not only that – his baby is one of the most influential brands in Europeworldwide as an integral part of the international jewelry market. Since spring of 2013, includes the company to the Kali company of holding, another leading Italian luxury brand is responsible for also – includes Gucci, Bottega Veneta and also Sergio Rossi. The holding company guarantees the autonomy that allows the free rein to his creativity the jewelry company Pomellato. That knows how to take advantage of Pomellato and varies his specific style consistency with before-keep ideas.

The Pomellato Collections: Always in the Spirit of the Times

Always in the spirit of the time, Pomellato constantly renews its collections. Each collection for himself here interpreted the mood of the year in which it was created and thus the special flair and the specificity of a generation is trying to capture. Appropriately ironisierten “Re and Regina” trailers King and Queens motifs in the form of jumping jacks. “Gourmette” very appetizing was dense braided rings from lush precious metal braids in the 90’s and the “m ‘ama non m’ ama” – rings of 2009 held against the colorful gems including rare Fund drops the viewer with delicate gold handles.

The Subsidiary Brand Dodo

1995 Pomellato has produced with a wink its subsidiary brand Dodo, which is characterised by a universal unisex design and is named after the extinct Australian bird. Humor and irony also are a steady companion of Pomellato designs: gold and precious stones in each other are reflected in the line “Daffodil”, in the topic “Nudo” the gems are presented visually free versions. It is more than that to show what you’ve got. The design is the idea that if about pink, green and blue sapphires are combined with grey and Brown diamonds.

Debut in the High end Jewellery

in 1997, Pomellato celebrated his fortieth birthday and thus presented itself as one of the youngest companies in the League of the historically significant Jewelry makers- in the Pomellato, meanwhile, casually playing. Anniversary collection was called “Pom Pom” and resembled a debut in the high end Juwellierskunst, where all the techniques previously developed to enter into a harmonious as opulent symbiosis seemed. Basically typical round gems in all imaginable colors, which reached particularly strong color intensity by proprietary features cut apply for Pomellato. Stones that were used for the rings of the Pom Pom collection were unevenly shaped and the design of the jewelry piece – in certain unusual combinations concise modern and unusual, but at the same time the unconventional thinking for Pomellato according to.

World-Renowned Photographer for Pomellato

Due to his progressive style Pomellato engaged no less than world famous photographers such as Helmut Newton, Gian Paolo Barbieri, Lord Snowdon, Paolo Roversi, or Javier Vallhonrat for its advertising campaigns.

The State of the art company, which is one of the most important European jewelry brands, but remains pleasantly pragmatic without much fuss at the important things: the processed stones are all equipped with an international identification and the raw materials are always processed in agreement with international agreements. Since 1995, supports the company of the Italian WWF and campaigned for endangered species, also Pomellato donates Association Association of children since 2009 on the volunteers for. The clear presence of woman in the Italian company – 71% women in one approx. 585-Personenstarken team – proves definitively that also jewelry companies were political punch lines can.