Pasquale Bruni: Jewellery in Valenza

The Sissi collection of Pasquale Bruni is a tribute to the former Empress Sissi. Blue Topaz, Amethyst, and Madeira quartz have been processed here and used by diamonds in scene.

It may be no coincidence that precisely manufactured houses Valenza, the forging of the Italian jeweller’s art, the Pasquale Bruni. The company name shall itself is grown in the workshops of picturesque Valenza, and experienced the fascination of full heartily craft of mysterious goldsmithing as a young child.

The attractive feature from Pasquale Bruni is located in the visceral dealing with details. Just as every woman has a secret, every piece of jewelry by Pasquale Bruni ready has a corresponding history for the wearer. Elegance, sensuality and modernity a tense Alliance and bring symbolic gems.

Pasquale Bruni and His Founding Story

in 1976, together with five colleagues, Bruni founded a small crafts business called Gioielmoda. A year later the company, whose styled Bruni personality decisively shaped was, already its name was. Today the company is a family business and as the wish of the company founder, true life to breathe into a puzzle. Designed in bold colors, each design underscores the playful female nature and tells an encrypted story – an ideal gift at the same time, to commemorate special moments of individual. Appropriately dramatic colors of scarlet and black, which assures the necessary presence of the dazzling stones to give their stories to the best there is in the retail purchase locations.

The Family Runs the Company

Bruni daughter Eugenia is responsible for the creative Department since 2001, and his son Dnaiele supports them as Gemnologe. The siblings interact intensively and so the necessary emotional essence, without the Pasquale Bruni factory would not be half as successful.

Jewelry and Girlish Dreams

Baroque pop rock romance Italian-style traded Pasquale Bruni jewels full of whimsical playfulness and precious refinement. A ring is one foot square adorn next to a diamond fluttering butterfly, on the opulent Pavement jewelry pieces on the one hand with bold words like AMORE, on the other hand Pasquale Bruni designs in fragile, delicate heavenly bodies to a narrow Crescent Moon can be found gathered. Pasquale Bruni dares to address highly emotional motifs, the fear to appear verkitscht is foreign to him. Pale pastel colors, heart – and loop forms and even the Eiffel Tower allow girlish dreams at the highest level to live out every wearer. Perhaps learned a topic what Pasquale Bruni even drives to – him, who as a young boy the jewels love and dream.