How to Wear Pearl Jewelry 1

How to Wear Pearl Jewelry

Faschionistas or simply fans of jewelry? We are well on the fact that it is not easy at all to resist the allure of pearls. Although they are classified “grandmother” jewelry, these are of real fashion accessories to never neglect. To help you don’t hesitate to wear, we show you a few fashion rules for good pick and […]

How to Wear Back Necklace 1

How to Wear Back Necklace

It’s official: the necklaces for the back are all the rage, and not only among the celebrity! After that they put on the beautiful Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence, Cate Blanchett and even Princess Diana, years ago, necklaces for shoulder and back are back in fashion! “Not only beauty, but also of the back and shoulders”: it’s what you […]

Formation of Pearls 1

Formation of Pearls

The Nature of the Pearls The mollusk produces a PEARL in response to a stimulus: it is, in fact, a form of defense against intrusion. This can be of natural origin, due to a small parasitic organism, or induced by man with the introduction of a foreign element inside the animal’s body springs. When the […]

Wear Multiple Rings

What is the Latest Jewelry Trend

This year several it-jewelry trends will be to adopt: the collar Claudine imitation gem, the accumulation of rings, the jewelry a little regressive with Aztec or Navajo prints and the must of the season is the “home” of woven bracelets made. The materials that will be popular with fashionistas this year are metal chains, leather, fancy […]

Customized Jewelry Gifts 1

Customized Jewelry Gifts

Finding the ideal gift for a person is a difficult task to accomplish. Aside from the usual gifts such as flowers for a woman, perfume or clothes, it is always nice to find an original idea. The personalized gift remains a good compromise to please the person concerned while having a multitude of choices. In this category […]