Three Kinds of Knots

Hello again friends, I guess many of you, these days there will be given a piece of jewelry and you will have new things to wear. This is the first post of the year I will dedicate to the knots, I will show you how to do the three knots that more usually used to […]

Tutorial: Braid 5 Cabos

Hello They say that experience is a degree, and that errors is learned, it is true, the first post published already makes most of two years you showed how to do a Tranz 5 Cabos moving all the threads, when I look at that post put the hands on the head, that thing more badly […]

Our Top 5 In February 1

Our Top 5 In February

Yes dear, another month is already almost over again. For all summer children out there, it’s towards another step spring and for the passionate fans of the winter’s soon to say goodbye.Nevertheless we are trapped, yet in the grubby weather even if it already had a few days of beautiful sunshine and thus the winter look […]

Specialist Knowledge In The Field Of Gems: The Four Cs As Quality Criteria For Diamonds

Have you ever wondered which concluded the large differences in price between various diamonds? Maybe you know even the situation that you see two gems and don’t know why a rather sallow and interesting looks, while the other draws everyone’s attention through his bright brilliance and the inherent fire. But what characteristics largely determine the quality and […]

What Jewelry Match Your Type?

There is nothing as good as a beautiful piece of jewellery to give an outfit that certain something. But maybe you’re too sometimes so that you are undecided in the selection. You become clear about your own preferences and opt for stylish pieces of jewelry that best bring out your personal type. Classic Jewellery: Could you describe […]