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Cinematographic Ripeness Jewellery

Cinematographic Ripeness Jewellery 1

“This girl brings the breast still completely out of fashion,” complained Director Billy Wilder – Audrey Hepburn as party girl Holly Golightly in the film version of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Tennesse of Williams. There are movies that think one…
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H. Stern: Brazilian Luxury Jewelers

H. Stern Brazilian Luxury Jewelers 1

Magnificent jewelry pieces in Rose gold (bracelet and earrings) from H. Stern. A German immigrant, founded a jewellery company in Brazil once and thus laid the foundations for one of the world’s largest jewelry brands: Hans Stern. Today stands for German craftsmanship…
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Courage to the Brooch

Courage to the Brooch 1

Give a medal: with the brooches of uniqueness. The brooch is a difficult piece of jewelry, it is considered somewhat stiff and old-fashioned. One imagines her high-necked long black aunt and you see them much on yellowed photos from the flea…
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The Best Jewelry Designer Part 2

New York City Alexis Bittar designed fine filigree jewelry creations and koperiert often with fashion designers. This cuff is made up of gold-plated metal, crystals and mother-of-Pearl. We can’t get enough of beautiful jewelry. Certainly not, if he as good as these…
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Chopard: jewelry company in family hands

Chopard jewelry company in family hands 1

Since 1937, the headquarters of the company of Chopard in Geneva. The fine watch and jewelry company is integer, traditional family and extremely successful–more hope in today’s world as only a spark. Swiss watchmaker Louis-Ulysses Chopard founded his workshop in 1860…
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Hollywood Jeweler Martin Katz

Hollywood Jeweler Martin Katz 1

Splendid pieces from the collection of Martin Katz. Like he is inspired in its creations of nature. For over twenty years, a fixture in the High Jewelry by Hollywood: Martin Katz. Heidi Klum, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Jennifer Lopez – they all wear…
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Elizabeth Taylor’s Jewels will be Auctioned

Elizabeth Taylor's Jewels will be Auctioned 1

Boucles d’oreilles of la « Granny Suite »; un cadeau of Richard Burton pour marquer la naissance du premier petit-enfant of la Diva – Estimation: 25.000-35.000 dollars. Their penchant for jewels was legendary. Elizabeth Taylor, no ring, no earrings, no bracelet or chain? Unthinkable. But it…
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Enchanting: Sortilege of Cartier

Enchanting Sortilege of Cartier 1

The who wanders through the orange Garden, the Orange garden of Rome, lies the ancient centre at the foot of the overwhelmed an indescribable feeling between melancholy and happiness. Because you can not stop this moment, you can only so intensively…
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Faberge: The Rebirth of an Icon

Faberge The Rebirth of an Icon 1

With jewels occupied, masterfully produced each with a fascinating history from the time of the Romanov imperial family: the egg pendant of a new series of Haute Joaillerie collection Les Saisons Russes from the Faberge firm. The jewelry pieces are the first…
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Faberge 1

The world-famous Faberge eggs are ornaments in the form of Easter eggs by Carl Peter Faberge (or his workshop) were made in St. Petersburg between 1885 and 1917. This was commissioned by Czar Alexander III, for his wife, an extraordinary piece of jewelry…
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DIY: Choker

DIY Choker 1

Good morning! Today I bring you a DIY very feminine and something that is very fashionable. We are going to make a choker.