Mother’s Day Sweepstakes

This year, for the first time, we took Mother’s Day as an occasion to organize great games in different game modes, in cooperation with several local radio stations. We lost some of our wonderful sparkling diamonds in quality H, SI2 – of course always with IGI certificate. Before we present the winners to you, we […]

Movement – Summer 2013

The Movement, from Tininha da Fonta, mixed elements of militarism with tropical for its collection of fashion summer beach 2013. From this it is possible to predict the use of military green, the camouflaged recolorido, and the prints of beaches, macaws and floral. The floral even appears in two versions: a more retro, remembering couch prints, […]

Modern Girls In London: Diamond Jubilee & The Crowns In Tribute To The 60-Year Reign Of Elizabeth II

The United Kingdom is a party. The year 2012 is being very special for the British. Not only for the Olympics which take place in July, but now also because Queen Elizabeth II celebrates his 60-year reign, the so-called Diamond Jubilee (Diamond Jubilee). For us Brazilians may seem not to have much importance so anyway because we don’t have […]

Wear Maxi Necklace

How to Use Maxi Necklace

The fashion world is constantly evolving, creating or reinvented clothes and accessories, one example is the maxi necklace, which is here to stay and each collection is more sophisticated. The maxi necklace is a great accessory to be used on the neck and assume the role at the top of the look, what features is […]

Tips on Different Earrings

Tips on Different Earrings

Earrings are accessories of the feminine universe that are needed when you are absent. The question is which one to choose, in front of so many. But have you ever noticed that many look like? When fashion get, only manufacturers vary some details. It is necessary to dig enough to find different earrings and with […]

How to Use Brooch

How to Use Brooch

Every woman loves to perfect the look knows that accessories are indispensable for this task. They complement the visual, giving more charm and delicacy to it. The brooch is also a kind of accessory, which can be classified as jewel. He was used a lot in the decade, but remained missing for a long time. There are a few […]

Tips on Emerald Ring

Learn more about this charming jewelry The Emerald is a gemstone of the Beryl family, being your most noble variation. The Emerald it is a green colored stone, from pale tones and opaque to the most intense and transparent. The more intense is the Green and the more shiny the stone, the higher your business […]

Mix of Bracelets

The Trends in Bracelets

Fashion bracelet for the year 2013 is the Maxi and ornate, i.e. very large bracelets, full of pedrarias, glitters, chains, ornaments, among others.The good news for those in love with bracelets is that this year, they are the big stars of the accessories, or be, the bracelets are the most prominent parts between rings, necklaces […]