Our Top 5 In February

Yes dear, another month is already almost over again. For all summer children out there, it’s towards another step spring and for the passionate fans of the winter’s soon to say goodbye.Nevertheless we are trapped, yet in the grubby weather even if it already had a few days of beautiful sunshine and thus the winter look is also an integral part of the wardrobe! Still, it’s time to wear our boots, winter coats and woolly hats.

And like every month, we have once again put our 5 Favorites for you that you can combine according to your mood with your winter-it-pieces in the wardrobe!

Because we are still trapped in the ear jacket trend, and discover always new models, the ear jackets are one of our favorites in February. In January, it was still the glamorous Crystal Ear Jackets and in February, the triangle ear jackets our special eye-catchers are quite clear.We just lieeeben it and would wear it every day!

In second place we come then equal to the fashionable brooches. Although as already mentioned, it is still not a spring-like weather, but we are totally in love in the steering wheel brooch in silver! As already last year, are still totally said the maritime partner in anchor or Steurradform and convince quite well as a brooch. We wear the brooch prefer on our CAP to glitter a bit to bring in everyday life!

Our next favorite has also been absolutely the trend this summer and will accompany us sure still long. Yes, is the talk of MIDI rings. You know, you can wear them all over the place on the hands and receive new and exciting looks. Our new triangle MIDI rings are a highlight, since they have even a colored triangle in turquoise, what brings us a little colorful in everyday life in the dull days.

But the elegant pieces of jewelry not to be neglected in February with us. This glamorous ladies watch convinces us for quite some time: the White stones watch in silver. The watch is very beautiful narrow and sparkles with very many small stones, so the watch is just like for the evening event!

Last but not least we finish top the February 5 with our favorite earrings, the blue flowers. The earrings are beautiful and immediately conjure up a special look of any outfit so simple. As with the MIDI rings we have here also a turquoise touch that makes almost already Oriental seem the earrings! You should leave this special piece of jewelry anyway, don’t miss, the glamour factor is guaranteed!