Movement - Summer 2013 1

Movement – Summer 2013

The Movement, from Tininha da Fonta, mixed elements of militarism with tropical for its collection of fashion summer beach 2013. From this it is possible to predict the use of military green, the camouflaged recolorido, and the prints of beaches, macaws and floral. The floral even appears in two versions: a more retro, remembering couch prints, and another impressionist, with small patterns.

Movement - Summer 2013 1

The collection brings many swimsuits, which appear in different versions, with ruffles and many cutouts, and even with double buttoning. Bikinis are also varied, appearing in the most diverse models: with bow, high waist, wider at the side, minis, tomara that falls, triangular, with short tops, with bulge, draped, etc.

Movement - Summer 2013 2

Among the materials used are silk, linen and pique with elastane, for comfort. The utilitarian forms could not be left out, and the collars, cufflinks, buttons, insignia and stars appear, giving the military touch. The beach exits range from serge shirts, cargo pants with suspenders, overalls, long skirts and t-shirts. Highlight for the tops with shoulder and shirt collar.

Movement - Summer 2013 3

Like accessories, caps like visors, rope bracelets, metal bracelets and maxicolares.