Modern Girls In London: Diamond Jubilee & The Crowns In Tribute To The 60-Year Reign Of Elizabeth II

The United Kingdom is a party. The year 2012 is being very special for the British. Not only for the Olympics which take place in July, but now also because Queen Elizabeth II celebrates his 60-year reign, the so-called Diamond Jubilee (Diamond Jubilee).
For us Brazilians may seem not to have much importance so anyway because we don’t have a monarchy in Brazil, but the British have a respect for tradition and for them it’s an honor to have a Queen that represents, even if they have a Prime Minister to take care of the business p olíticos.

During these 6 years living in London, I have learned to respect and admire the British culture. Despite being a modern Country in relation to laws and stylish, takes pride in preserving your history and tradition.

The traditional super store Harrods, founded in 1834, is keen to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and called 31 outstanding designers from various fields to create a Crown for the Queen. The new collection is on display in the window of Harrods. The Department store only sells luxury items, from groceries, home supplies to clothes of famous brands and designers. When they come to London, do not forget to visit her. LOOOOVE!

I chose a few crowns, see which you like most!