Marilyn Monroe's Best Friends Were Diamonds 1

Marilyn Monroe’s “Best Friends” Were Diamonds

By the song “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” famous movie Diva Marilyn Monroe several times had the opportunity to wear incredibly valuable and beautiful gems and jewellery, where she owned private just a few precious jewels in their lives. I would like to introduce here more precisely some of the jewels worn by her.

The Eternity Ring Of Marilyn Monroe

As a gift to the wedding on January 14, 1954, Marilyn Monroe was given by her husband Joe DiMaggio an eternity ring with baguette-cut diamonds all around. The baguette-cut suitable for very pure, transparent gemstones such as diamonds, because impurities and deterioration would be particularly striking by the long stairs arranged facets. The gems by Marilyn Monroe’s trinket why the baguette-cut produces a charming effect however are finest quality. The ring scored the considerable sum of $ 772.500 at an auction in December 2011.

Marilyn Monroe's Best Friends Were Diamonds 1

Marilyn Monroe’s Akoya Pearl Necklace

The next gift was not long in coming: it was an Akoya pearl necklace to the joint honeymoon. A look at the history of the Pearl is interesting in this context. The Japanese Kokichi Mikimoto is regarded as first succeeded to attract pearls artificially in Akoya oysters. These pearls are characterized by their gorgeous shimmer and their excellent quality and Marilyn Monroe remained much longer than her husband Joe DiMaggio of the chain.

The Historic Moon-De-Baroda Diamond

Marilyn Monroe's Best Friends Were Diamonds 2

During a photo shoot for the film “prefers blondes” Marilyn Monroe was allowed to wear a breathtakingly beautiful gemstone as a necklace and earrings: the Canary-Yellow Moon-de-Baroda diamonds. This 24,04-karätige Teardrop gemstone can look back on a long history. Most of the time-over 500 years – was his owner a family of Indian maharajas proud, in the meantime he became the Austrian Imperial Court and was later, in the 1940s, rising from the jeweler Meyer Rosenbaum. Marilyn Monroe can be seen, whose highlight is the Moon-de-Baroda diamond on the photos with a black silk necklace.Marilyn Monroe's Best Friends Were Diamonds 3


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