Luxury for fashion: jewelry show in Berlin

It is not all gold that glitters: However, these brooches from the London Flower collection are genuine rarities.

An amazing jewelry exhibition shows nearly 300 gems from the London Flower collection in the Art library at the art Forum in Berlin. For the first time, the exhibition offers insight into the private collection of the exclusive London jewelry dealer Flower, the only jewelry retailer, awarded in the British Empire of the title of a Royal warrant – the although his range encompassed “only” fashion jewelry.

Fashion jewelry, in German the word has a rather negative occupied sound. In this country, fashion jewelry is synonymous for Talmi, Tineff and TANDBERG, mass-produced manufactured industrially on the Assembly line, worthless Klimbim and cheap imitation rock. Wonder if manufacturers of high-quality jewellery avoiding him and rather with concepts such as jewellery or jewellery know sent to write to him. Although, not all gold that glitters is in the exhibition of “Luxury for Fashion”. At least not solid gold. But then most of the highlights shown in Berlin and exchanged for museumsreif are likely to be gold-plated. Cheap anyway, these are not the objects from the “Flower collection”. Quite the contrary. These luxurious master pieces of goldsmithery from real gold and jewellery must not hide as regards quality, style and elaborate processing in manual work. Only ground glass blocks and brooches studded with deceptively real looking beads, coral or jade imitations Flash one instead of flawless diamonds, emeralds or rubies here in gemstone fashion, necklaces and chains against.

Look in the Jewelry Secret by Flower

For the first time, the exhibition divided chronologically into four decades provides insights into the richly filled jewelry box of a few well known jewelry collection that is still privately owned and remained so far closed the public. The family-owned company Flower was the first address for high quality fashion jewellery and luxury accessories with its London luxury boutiques for decades.Film and stage such as Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly were also its customers like sheikhs of the Emirates and representative of European royal houses. Both the British Crown and the Dutch King in the business buying, after the second world war in the exclusive Bond Streetmoved.

Son Lawrence D. Feld man sat directly on the shiny source, when he entered the end of the 1950s in the family-owned company Flower years and building began the “Flower Collection London” by he 2001 chose the most representative pieces up business from every collection of jewellery range and kept. For his collection, Feld man preferred gems that are often very difficult or not at all as spurious. This special, sophisticated type of fashion jewelry “Costume Jewellery” is called in English. Rarities are the exhibits of which per design only between twenty and forty examples exist, always.

Dior from Pforzheim, Not from Paris

The representative individual pieces and particularly opulent jewelry sets come from all over the world by the leading and most prestigious manufacturers and designers of the 1950s up the 1980s. By Marcel Boucher, Nina Ricci to Givenchy and Christian Dior – which is specially developed as the core of the show a separate extra Cabinet dedicated to. The Dior Bijoux was however not in the fashion capital Paris, but in the German jewellery city of Pforzheim, made when Henkel & large. Since 1955, Christian Dior collaborated with the Pforzheim company, which had been active in the 1930s for fashion designers like Lanvin and Schiaparelli and subsequently for 50 years should have the global manufacturing and sales license for Dior jewelry.

Costume Jewellery as a Trendsetter

Trends in the field of real jewelry be taken up quickly by the fashionable costume jewellery. Lower-cost materials in turn promote the experimentation. The brand Trifari, which formerly provided Broadway musicals with jewelry, celebrated a great success as Mamie Eisenhower in 1953 was wearing one of the sets to celebrate of her husband’s inauguration. Barbara Bush also had a soft spot for the brand, and Madonna wore Trifari jewelry in the Hollywood film “Evita”.

Attwood & Sawyer, founded in 1956 in the United Kingdom, often modelled on the jewels, the Duke of Windsor (previously King Edward VIII) his beloved Wallis gave Simpson. At beauty pageants for the Miss World election, the candidates wore his rhinestone tiaras, on luxury liners such as the Queen Elizabeth II was asked for his jewelry as well as at Harrods. American TV series and shows like Dallas and dynasty, made him completely popular. Original fashion photographs from the Lipperheide costume library serve as a historical background film and let to a magnificent, vivid as sparkling journey in time through the history of fashion are the overall view in the interplay of the respective fashion trends with Jewelry Accessories.