Luxury Destination Marrakech (Part 2) - ´Jewelry Pieces of the Hotel Industry´ 1

Luxury Destination Marrakech (Part 2) – ´Jewelry Pieces of the Hotel Industry´

As promised, I now have a look on the currently emerging or recently opened luxury Nobel Hostel in Marrakech.

Located directly on the South-Western city wall within the Medina, was the luxury hotel La Mamounia has always of one of the meeting places of the famous and rich and mature according to a legend. So, Churchill and Roosevelt in 1943 ordered hotel as a backdrop in the hotel bar which world was new and for the Hitchcock Film “The man who knew too much”. These glory days are but not without a trace passed the ‘La Mamounia’, so that it causes looked to, to visibly aging legend blossom again. After a three-year 120 million euro expensive, facelift under the direction of the star interior designer Jacques Garcia , an ideal symbiosis formed traditional Moroccan ambience and amenities of the 21st century (luxury spa, iPad stations, flat-screen TVs or Wi-Fi).

Last June, the iconic of an ancient Moroccan city 5 star hotel Le Royal Mansour opened its doors. The hotel is situated in the Medina and is integrated partially even in the centuries old ancient city wall. Guests of this luxury hotel of class, one of the many projects of the King, reside in fully equipped villas or riads. They have a welcoming private courtyard, lined with lush flowers and shrubs, as well as the typical fountain. And in the truest sense yet “on top” the discerning traveller can relax in your private pool on the roof terrace of each riads.

Luxury Destination Marrakech (Part 2) - ´Jewelry Pieces of the Hotel Industry´ 1

This year, Oriental Jnan Rahma open the first Mandarin Oriental on the African continent, the Mandarin. The luxury hotel is located in the Palm tree-rich desert OASIS outside Marrakech, with views of the Atlas mountains. Moroccan, Asian and Indian style elements combine to create a unique architecture and the typical ochre facades, surrounded by Palm trees, olive trees, gardens, fountains and courtyards, make this luxury resort into an oasis of peace and relaxation.

The four seasons private residence with a total of 40 riads and villas to be opened in late 2010 and provide a distinctive Moroccan living and lifestyle. And also that for “The Art of simple Luxury” known Rocco Forte Collection uses her Assoufid Golf & no later than 2012 present a showpiece of the hotels spa resort. The resort at the foot of the Atlas mountains will offer a luxury hotel, 80 luxuriously appointed villas and a 18-hole golf course with Golf Academy course on over 2.2 square kilometres.

Even the prestigious Monaco, specialized in luxury buildings, hotel – and restaurant society Société of the Bains de Mer (SBM), which has so far only national appearance, is engaged in the hotel and Villenprojekt “Jawhar Estate” in Marrakech. SBM, which in addition to many top-end hotels in Monte Carlo the Casino de Monte Carlo belongs, plans an open until at least the end of 2011.

Luxury Destination Marrakech (Part 2) - ´Jewelry Pieces of the Hotel Industry´ 2

And also the heavy oil sheiks from the Persian Gulf stay away and busy investing billions of dollars in Marrakech. So the Sheikh of Qatar with the Royal ranches builds Marrakech is just one of the biggest racetracks in the world, whereas the known for spectacular projects ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to 2600 metres in the Atlas mountains builds a combination of golf and ski resort with multi-lane roads. It goes without saying that the resulting 18-hole golf course will be the world’s highest lying his Guild. The slogan of the Department led to the smile: “Welcome to Africa’s highest ski resort”. Nothing seems impossible at the present time. And so is it not rocking the boat probably as well, if in a few years, the ski downhill world champion from Morocco is hailed… on the domestic World Cup slope in Marrakech, of course.

What is striking in this exclusive large construction sites, is the fact that the minimalist modern sand castles still in the typical traditional Marrakech construction be built. Not surprising the well-known close connection between tradition and modernity is that makes Marrakesh again here.

Luxury Destination Marrakech (Part 2) - ´Jewelry Pieces of the Hotel Industry´ 3