Luxury Destination Marrakech - Jewel of the Orient (part 1) 1

Luxury Destination Marrakech – Jewel of the Orient (part 1)

Location Scouting fathom events, cooperation for future RENESIM.COM, maybe even just test the plush armchair in the fancy foyers. These were the reasons for this in the last few weeks the luxury hotels (including Mandarin Oriental, The Charles or four seasons Kempinski) on-site to deal with. And in talks with hotel representatives, as well as acquaintances from the hotel industry, as well as the viewing of Web pages and various press releases, one caught my eye: time and again was to read of new hotel openings in Moroccan Marrakech.

And here we are already at today’s topic. Why compete for some time the international luxury hotel chain to the best plots on the dry, red desert sand in and outside the gates of Marrakech? Why those former Moroccan Royal City at the foot of the Atlas mountains act today again more than ever as the hotspot of the international jet set? Today, I try to give an answer to the why before I’ll introduce in the next post then individual luxury projects question.

Luxury Destination Marrakech - Jewel of the Orient (part 1) 1

What is it, what makes Marrakech so special? It is without a doubt the coexistence of Orient and Occident, meet modern myths. It is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that is rooted firmly in your traditions, as well as cultural and architectural origins and opens at the same time but at a high rate of modernity. Like mirror TV special portrait ‘Oasis of the Jet-set’ so aptly worded: “There is an enclave of luxury, where Western hedonism comes up against centuries-old Islamic tradition anchored in the middle of the Arab world”. Just this balancing act make Marrakech so special and unique. For some, the city is a dream come true from 1001 night in the 21st century.

Since King Mohammed VI, since 1999 King of Morocco, its ‘Plan Azur’ programme has, booming Marrakech. With the multibillion-dollar investment program the open-minded monarch wants to make his favorite city an international trend destination, that must not hide from the other known Jetset destinations. Luxury hotels and golf courses, exclusive restaurants and in bars shoot like mushrooms from the barren desert floor. According to let investors as well as stars and starlets not long in coming. Somehow, it’s all “back to the roots”. As ever the “Pearl of the Orient” produced international luster when she opened in the 60s and 70s the big wide world and attracted celebrities and wealth from all over the world.

Luxury Destination Marrakech - Jewel of the Orient (part 1) 2

Before imposing pen Lake of snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas, Marrakech is evident with its majestic-looking, red, 12 km-long city walls surrounding the historical centre (so called Medina) with its narrow, winding streets, colorful markets and various odors. The individual walls pretty riads, those multi-storey town houses with their open upstairs patios that were bought in recent years by wealthy Europeans and converted after a complete renovation to luxurious mansions and small luxury hotels. A maze of alleys which suddenly turn off an alley with traditional Moroccan crafts, such as dyeing and carpets, in a lane with chic galleries and trendy bars and clubs.

And right at the heart of the Medina of Marrakech, the legendary, world-famous Jemma el Fna square (also: Djamâa el Fna)-the place of the decapitated. Since market, arena and open-air restaurant at the same time, centuries served the Jemma el Fna square all common clichés of the Orient: by haggling merchants, snake charmers on storytellers to henna artists and medicine men – everything musically underscored. Midnight masses of tourists who are being courted by dealers and huddle in the evening to the various mobile food stalls. But leave the Jemma el Fna square and immerse yourself in the Medina, so revealed itself after a short time a variety of stylish restaurants such as, for example, the Le-Tanjia, in the even scenes were filmed by “Sex and the City 2”.

Luxury Destination Marrakech - Jewel of the Orient (part 1) 3

And now in my home the ´ is to feel ´ spirit of Marrakech. Even in the shower, when I access my current shower gel Special Edition, and according to manufacturer information with “Body and mind immersed into the exciting world of the Orient”. Telling explicitly only “with mysterious scent” is on the shower gel. It’s in the style of the legendary Marrakesh just.

Wish you a nice weekend.