Learn More About a Moon-White Shimmering Precious Metal That Is Rarer Than Gold Platinum- 1

Learn More About a Moon-White Shimmering Precious Metal That Is Rarer Than Gold Platinum-

Notable features of the precious metal Platinum

The history of the precious metals Platinum is marked by ups and downs. Strangely enough, it was not so famous and coveted like gold long time – at times it was despised even literally. But quite wrongly, because has remarkable qualities and its material properties surpass Platinum even those of gold.
A special feature is that scratches mean no loss of material on its surface. The precious metal is merely postponed why pieces of jewelry made of platinum are very resistant.
Its fineness is significantly higher compared to gold. While he is 75% high-quality gold, that is 96% of Platinum – the remaining 4% of high quality jeweler Platinum are made of copper.
Pieces of jewelry made of platinum are more expensive than those made of gold, because it happens about 30 times less than this and a greater skill is required for its processing.
Why Platinum for jewelry is popular nowadays, is mainly on his exceptionally good corrosion resistance. Rings and other pieces of jewelry made of platinum are thus very long. No wonder, then, that the classic engagement ring, Solitaire ring, in its original form consisted of this precious metal.
Platinum because of its purity is also especially hypo-allergenic so Platinum jewelry can be worn particularly well by people with sensitive skin.

Learn More About a Moon-White Shimmering Precious Metal That Is Rarer Than Gold Platinum- 1

Platinum and its changing importance in history

We have the Platinum deposits on the surface of the Earth due to latest scientific estimates of meteors, which brought this precious metal on the Earth two billion years ago.
The first evidence of this that people knew Platinum and for jewelry are used, from the time of the ancient Egyptians around 3000 BC Funerary objects were found in the form of jewelry pieces, include small amounts of Platinum. Assuming that the Nubian gold that was used in Egypt, contained naturally of remnants of Platinum.
The civilization of the Incas is one of the few highlights in the history of Platinum – the master estimated the precious metal and used it as a material for ceremonial objects.
Quickly, but again, Platinum fell into oblivion and it should take up at the time of the Spanish conquest of South America until the precious metal from his shadowy existence came to light. However, it was not appreciated by the Spaniards, which awarded him its pejorative meant name “Platinum” (from Spanish platina, little silver). They were so fixed, to find that they were blind to the true value of Platinum gold. As fraudsters took advantage of the similarity between gold and Platinum to make forgeries, it was even decreed that all Platinum stocks in the sea to be sunk.
His well-deserved recognition only received the mineral in the 18th century, when in 1751, the Swedish researchers Theophil Scheffer classified Platinum as an independent element. From then on, his triumph was not stopped. Louis of XVI for example saw the most valuable and worthy alone for a King material in Platinum. Since the precious metal at Royal families is a highly regarded, the Spanish King Charles IV. let set up a Platinum room in his palace of Aranjuez.
Because Platinum is a material, which the brilliance of diamonds comes very well, gaining’s early 20th century popularity for diamond jewelry. Platinum is suited for this, to make very delicate, but nonetheless durable versions for diamonds. So it was used in the Art Deco style of the 1920s.

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Today, Platinum in addition to gold has become established as one of the most popular precious metals for jewellery is impossible to imagine from the consciousness of the people. So, it is worth of Platinum medals or awards over that of gold, but settled just below that of diamonds.

Platinum jewelry at RENÉSIM – a symbol of elegance and strength

Platinum charms with its beautiful and elegant appearance. Because of his restrained colour looks Platinum and can be versatile. Its unique aura and its exceptional resistance spread also to pieces of jewelry that are made of this precious metal. At RENÉSIM, we use only very high quality jeweler Platinum with a millesimal fineness of 96%. If you are interested in Platinum jewelry in the form of diamond rings, earrings, necklaces and pendants, browse on our website , or just write us (service@renesim.com). With our practical Ringkonfigurator to make himself by the way an individual ring with a platinum ring rail: Diamond ring Configurator.

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